To apply for a BreakAway, you need 2 forms:
  • BreakAway Application Form  Note that this form asks for passport information.  A complete application for an international BreakAway includes proof of a valid passport or passport application.  For information on how to apply for a passport, see below.  
  • Student Life Reference Form
After you have been approved to participate in a BreakAway, you will also need to submit the following forms:
Study Abroad
To apply for Study Abroad / Off-Campus Study, you will need 5 or 6 forms:

After you have been approved for Study Abroad / Off-Campus Study, you will also need to submit the following forms as you prepare for your term abroad:

After you return from study abroad, you will need to submit a debriefing form prior to getting your credits from abroad posted to your IC transcript.

How do I apply for a passport?

Use this government website to get you started with a passport application.
Note that if you have never had a passport, you must apply in person—you can’t have someone else do it for you.  In Jacksonville, the place to apply for a passport is at the Morgan County Courthouse, which is open only on weekdays.  In other towns, you may be able to apply at a US Post Office also on Saturdays.

One of the documents you need with your passport application is proof of citizenship, which generally is your birth certificate. For most students, this means coordinating with folks back home. For this reason, plan ahead and allow enough time for your passport application!

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