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The Illinois College Endowment

Increasing Illinois College’s endowment provides a stronger base on which to build the College’s future, dramatically enhancing Illinois College’s ability to meet key needs of faculty salaries, student financial aid and a host of emerging opportunities within the academic program. Creating endowment funds leaves a permanent, positive legacy that will help educate students and play a significant role in keeping our academic programs relevant and at the forefront of liberal arts education.

Gifts to the endowment are keys to expanding opportunities for Illinois College students to study abroad, to participate in a broad range of internships and to do research with faculty mentors. Such opportunities are well-proven vehicles for enhanced student learning and personal development.

Your Endowment Gifts Help Illinois College ...

::  Attract and retain high-caliber faculty and students

::  Enhance student scholarship aid

::  Rely less on tuition to fund basic needs

::  Keep costs affordable for all students

::  Fund programs to sustain the College’s distinctive values-based education in leadership and service

Creating Endowments

Faculty Salaries and Professional Development 
A talented faculty creates the most fertile environment for student learning. To attract and retain quality professors, Illinois College must significantly invest in its faculty through faculty endowments. The caliber of our faculty – many of whom are leaders in their respective disciplines – is critical to the quality of the education that we provide students and that, in turn, provides them entry to successful careers.

      ::  A fully endowed Faculty Chair ($1,500,000) will generate $75,000 in annual earnings,
          enabling Illinois College to successfully recruit faculty members who have established a         
          national reputation in their area of expertise. Endowment income will supplement the salary
          budget, as well as provide an annual professional spending account to support research,
          teaching and professional development.

      ::  An endowed Professorship ($750,000) will provide $37,500 annually to allow the College to
          honor its existing and most gifted teacher-scholars. In addition to augmenting the salary
          budget, earnings from the endowment will provide annual stipends in support of research,
          teaching and professional development.

      ::  A fully endowed Faculty Professional Development Fund ($500,000) will provide $25,000
          each year in support to enhance the College’s efforts to further develop its teacher-scholars
          at all stages in their careers. 

      ::  A fully endowed Faculty Research Fund ($250,000) will support one or more faculty
          research initiatives deemed most worthy by the College with annual endowment income
          of $12,500.

BreakAway and Study Abroad Programs
To better prepare students for life in a global society through an expanded program of international study, Illinois College has a Study Abroad Program that allows students to spend either one semester or a full academic year studying outside the United States. Such programs challenge students to adapt to new cultures through exposure to diverse perspectives, often enhancing their ability to communicate in a second language. Additional endowed funds will help underwrite the travel expenses of students who are engaged in academic learning opportunities outside the United States, enabling more Illinois College students to take part in this life-changing experience.

Illinois College offers a distinctive BreakAway program which is designed to broaden students’ educational experiences with short-term, College-supported trips to locations in the United States and abroad. BreakAway trips have included Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Turkey. Trips to New York City, the Florida Keys and Washington, D.C., have also been part of BreakAway.

Student Scholarships
Gifts to create endowed student scholarships affect the lives of many students and make it possible for Illinois College to attract and enroll talented students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Types of scholarships:

      ::  A $250,000 endowed scholarship fund, providing $12,500 in annual financial aid, could help
          several students attend Illinois College. 

      ::  An endowed scholarship of $100,000 would provide $5,000 annually in financial aid to a
          deserving student.
      ::  A named scholarship endowment may be established with a minimum gift, payable over five years,
          of $25,000.

Additional gifts to an endowed scholarship may be made in future years or by bequest. Endowed scholarships can be created to reflect personal interests of each donor. There are four aspects to consider when defining scholarship criteria: (1) merit-based scholarships attract exceptionally able and promising students to Illinois College; (2) need-based scholarships help students who otherwise would not be able to afford an Illinois College education; (3) geographic-based scholarships attract students from specified geographic areas; and (4) departmental scholarships provide aid to students in specified academic disciplines.
Student Internships
Internships enable Illinois College students to apply what is learned in the classroom to the world of practice. Working experience and contacts made through internships often lead to fruitful careers. A Student Internship Fund ($25,000 minimum) will enable the College to provide better financial support, especially for students interested in acquiring experience in public or nonprofit organizations that can only offer unpaid internships. Income from a Student Internship Fund will help defray cost-of-living expenses incurred.

The First-Year Student Experience
For students, the first year of college is full of exciting new experiences. Illinois College’s First-Year Student Experience is identified as “IC Connections.” This program is designed to immediately engage students in the scholarly enterprise of liberal arts education by pairing students with faculty members for special convocations, shared readings and community service activities throughout the academic year.

This endowment fund will allow the College to enhance its “IC Connections” program for its students. Together with the core academic program, this experience will empower them to live lives characterized by a passion for lifelong learning, a commitment to service and a readiness to lead. Specific initiatives within the First-Year Student Experience can be named with a gift of at least $25,000.

Student-Faculty Academic Research
Illinois College prides itself with a significant program of student and faculty collaborative research. Students publish papers and participate in distinctive research with faculty members that undergraduate peers at large, research universities only dream about.

Undergraduate students who work on research projects with faculty are better prepared for graduate and professional schools and for the challenges they will face during their professional careers. Students who collaborate with faculty mentors on research are more engaged in their educational pursuits and graduate with more in-depth knowledge in their chosen academic disciplines.

In addition to funding research initiatives, a Student-Faculty Academic Research Fund ($50,000 minimum) will also provide summer stipends to students who conduct research with faculty mentors.

Gift Minimums To Establish An Endowment

Gifts may be paid in one lump sum or over a multi-year pledge
Academic Investment Opportunities
   Academic Division :: $10,000,000
   Academic Department :: $3,000,000
   Lectureship (Series) :: $500,000
   Lectureship (Single Lecture) :: $100,000
   Illinois College Fine Arts Series (Single Performance) :: $100,000
   Illinois College TheatreWorks (Single Production) :: $100,000
   Academic Program :: $25,000
   Library Book Fund :: $10,000

Faculty Investment Opportunities
   Faculty Chair :: $1,500,000
   Faculty Professorship :: $750,000
   Faculty Professional Development Fund :: $500,000
   Faculty Research Fund :: $250,000
   Visiting Distinguished Professor :: $250,000

Student Investment Opportunities
   Student Scholarship (Full tuition) :: $500,000
   Student Scholarship (Half tuition) :: $250,000
   Student Scholarship (Quarter tuition) :: $125,000
   Student Scholarship :: $25,000
   Student-Faculty Academic Research Fund :: $50,000
   Student Internship Fund :: $25,000
   Student Travel Award :: $10,000
   Student Prize :: $10,000
   Student Award :: $10,000

Campus Beautification Investment Opportunities
   Campus Beautification – Garden :: $250,000
   Campus Beautification – Bench :: $1,500*
   Campus Beautification – Tree :: $500*
         * These are one-time investment opportunities rather than endowment gift minimums.

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