Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Group (EIG) at Illinois College is a committee whose primary purpose is increasing student academic success, with better retention following as a byproduct of that effort. Chaired by the Coordinator of Academic Advising, the group is composed of members that can contribute data and form individualized relationships with students, including senior administrators (Dean of Student Success, Dean of Students, Vice President for Enrollment, or other admission representative), the Dean of the Faculty, the Registrar, a financial aid representative, at least one faculty member from each of the academic divisions, the Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, the International Student Advisor, both co-directors of IC Connections, and representatives from student affairs (Residence Life Director, Health Center Director, Counseling Center Director, Career Center Director) and athletics (generally 3-to-5 coaches). The Group focuses its initiatives and efforts on four areas: 1) early identification of at-risk students; 2) preemption or risk-reduction; 3) enhanced academic and first-year seminar support; and 4) early intervention (prior to midterm when possible).

The strategy and accomplishments of the EIG are described in the following three papers.

Contact Andrew Jones, Dean of Student Success at 217-245-3010 if you have additional questions.
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