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The Division of Student Affairs

Illinois CollegeThe dean of students has responsibility and oversight for the Division of Student Affairs. The division fosters student development and leadership by providing programming, guidance and advising that complements and supports student experiences outside the classroom, career exploration and civic engagement. The areas of Student Affairs include career services, community engagement and service, counseling, first-year experience, health services, religious life, residential life and student activities.

The dean of students and other student affairs staff members are available to provide assistance to students and their families so that students may have a quality liberal arts experience.  This division, in partnership with academics, works closely with students to assure academic and personal successes which ultimately lead to graduation and beyond.

The Office of the Dean of Students

Think of the Office of the Dean of Students as an open door or a welcoming sign for students. The staff understands that issues and questions arise that need answers. If they don’t have the answers, they will make sure that they find them for you.
The questions may range from "Where do I go to get a tutor?" to "How do I get more involved in campus life?" All questions are encouraged.
The dean of students also:
   :: Provides oversight and articulates the goals for the division of student affairs
   :: Advises Student Senate
   :: Coordinates activities of the IC Parent Council
   :: Assists students in making connections for personal or academic support services
   :: Provides support & investigation for racial or sexual harassment, sexual assault & other sexual misconduct issues
   :: Address behaviors/incidents that are not conducive to a campus that values respect for one another
   :: Supports and coordinates accommodations for students with special academic needs

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