Academic Initiatives

At Illinois College, we began the process of evaluating academic advising in 2008.  Faculty approved the questionnaires for students to complete.  The links below will bring you to each of those questionnaires.

We ask all students who declare a major in a given semester to complete the pre-major advising evaluation form at the conclusion of that semester, at the same time that they complete their course evaluation forms.  We ask all students who will graduate at the end of a given semester to complete their major evaluation forms at the end of that semester, again at the same time that they complete their course evaluation forms.

Students who complete all evaluation forms can see their grades online at the moment faculty post them.  Students who do not complete all evaluation forms must wait to see their grades online for approximately two weeks.

We began the administration of advising evaluation forms using print and moved to making them available to students online, through CoursEval, the commercial system we use for course evaluations.

Advising is considered to be a part of teaching and evidence about advising is considered by our Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee.  Currently, we are not using the results of these advising evaluations as a routine part of the RTP process.

Questions for evaluating major advising

Questions for evaluating pre-major advising

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