What Can I Do With A Music Major?

A 2012 survey of 36,000 creative arts graduates shows that their unemployment rate is HALF that of the national average, and that over 70% of bachelor's degree holders in the arts have worked as professional artists.  These amazing statistics are the result of employers searching for creative, disciplined individuals who are able to push themselves personally while working well in groups. Music, with its emphasis on personal excellence as well as ensemble participation and individual as well as group discipline, is the perfect field in which to develop just those skills that employers are looking for.
Within the broad field of music, there are many areas of specialization. While music is often a performing art, many musicians combine performing with work in fields closely related to music. Some music majors may minor in another field, others continue their training in graduate or professional programs. Below are just some ideas of occupations where music plays a prominent role.
 Administration Business Composing
  • Church Music Director
  • City Arts Administrator
  • City Cultural Events Planner
  • House/Stage Manager
  • Public Relations/ Tour Manager
  • Booking Agent/Business Manager
  • Concert Promoter
  • Talent Agent
  • Royalties Broadcast Monitor
  • Instrument/Equipment Sales
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Arranger
  • Marching Drill Creator
  • Choreographer
 Education and Research Performing Journalism and Publishing
  • Clinician
  • Educator
  • Music Professor
  • Ethnomusicologist
  • Music Historian
  • Accompanist
  • Artist/Vocalist
  • Orchestral Musician
  • Stage Director
  • Studio Musician (film, broadcasting)
  • Music Critic
  • Reporter/ Journalist
  • Publisher
  • Copyist
  • Music Editor
Technical and Design Counseling/Medical  
  • Acoustical Consultant
  • Sound Engineer/Mixer
  • Instrument Repair
  • Software Programmer
  • Synthesizer Specialist
  • Music Therapy
  • Autism
  • Geriatric
  • PTSD

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