Funding for Your Experience

Illinois College’s commitment to prepare students to Graduate READY includes providing significant funding for experiential learning—for BreakAways, internships, study abroad/off-campus study, student-faculty research, conference travel, and community-based learning.

Use this form to submit an application for extra funding.  Submit ONE request for each distinct experience. For example, if you plan to study abroad, submit only one single application; your application will be considered for ALL applicable funds.  If you are planning to go on a BreakAway AND pursue an internship, submit two separate applications.  

Funding of experiential learning always implies academic credit, therefore always requires approval or supervision by, or collaboration with, a faculty member:  BreakAways and study abroad follow an APPLICATION process, internships and student-faculty research comprise LEARNING CONTRACTS, and conference participation and community-based learning involve faculty endorsement.  Hence, the funding application includes not only items for the student to complete, but also questions about faculty support.

Ordinarily, funding applications are due on the following dates for the following purposes:
  • September 1 :: Ongoing student-faculty research
  • October 1 :: BreakAways (Winter or Spring Break BreakAways only); ongoing student-faculty research; anticipated conference travel
  • November 1 :: BreakAways (May/June BreakAways); ongoing student-faculty research; anticipated conference travel; community-based learning 
  • December 1 :: Anticipated conference travel; ongoing student-faculty research
  • February 1 :: Study Abroad (during 2018-19); ongoing student-faculty research; anticipated conference travel; community-based learning 
  • March 1 :: Summer internships; summer research
  • April 1 :: Summer internships; summer research; community-based learning

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