Student Faculty-Research Funding

Students interested in completing research or traveling to conferences with faculty during the academic or summer semesters should utilize this application to request funding. Budget items should only pay for student expenses.
This application should be completed by a student, but it is highly encouraged to utilize the available PDF of the application to construct responses in a word processor to receive feedback by their faculty supervisor. Following feedback, students can copy and past their responses into the application.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with the first of each month as the deadline for consideration during that month.
Summer Experiences
Submit by March 1 to receive priority consideration. Application for summer experiences submitted after March 1 will be awarded with remaining funds.
If you have any questions, contact:
JJ Sadler, Coordinator of Internships & Undergraduate Research |

Student-Faculty Research Fund Application


PDF Version of Student-Faculty Research Fund Application

If you have any questions about the process or application, please contact JJ Sadler at or at 217.245.3193

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