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Division of Student Affairs Mission

The Division of Student Affairs at Illinois College seeks to develop the whole student by creating an active and inclusive learning community where students explore their personal values and skills, make responsible choices, and learn how to lead and serve.

Division of Student Affairs Goals

(Reflects LEAP Expectations from Employers and IC BLUEprint)

1. Create situations in which students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of    diversity and inclusion.
:: Ability to communicate and work with diverse groups.
:: Communicate new intercultural knowledge (global issues)
:: Understanding of a civic responsibility and ways to address it
2. Improve a student's ability to express and act responsibly upon personal and social values
:: Demonstrate knowledge and actions related to ethical decision making.
:: Identify levels of skills which reflect the ability to mediate or participate in intercultural dialogue
3. Create opportunities to practice how to lead and serve.
:: Participate in written and oral communication.
:: Demonstrate critical thinking and analytic reasoning skills.
:: Identify and demonstrate complex problem solving skills.
:: Create productive groups with diverse membership.
:: Show ways of being creative and innovative.
:: Research and demonstrate information literacy.
:: Demonstrate examples of quantitative reasoning.
:: Participate in activities that identify knowledge in real-world settings.

Our Commitment to Student Learning and Assessment

Accrediting agencies, legislators, the campus community and the public at large want and deserve accountability as to the efficient and effective use of money spent in higher education programs. (Upcraft and Schuh, 2008) In addition, student affairs professionals are being called to align their work with the academic mission of Illinois College to provide learning opportunities for students that will lead to learning outcomes that advance the mission of Illinois College. (ACPA 1996 & ACPA and NASPA 2004)
The goals of the assessment plan and ultimately the strategic plan for the IC Division of Student Affairs is to support Illinois College in building a national reputation for inspiring achievement and empowering students to make a difference in the world. The Division will work to create experiences and opportunities for students to have and to sustain meaningful lives of leadership and service. (Vision and Goal: Strategy Map 2014)
Student learning, as noted in NASPA's document entitled, Learning Reconsidered, 2004, defines learning in the following context. "Student learning is a complex, holistic, multi-centric activity that occurs throughout and across the college experience. Student Development and the adaptation of learning to students' lives and needs are a fundamental part of engaged learning and liberal education. The liberal education requires the engagement of the whole student -- and the development of every resources in higher education."
The Assessment Process is based on the mission, goals and outcomes that are identified by both the College and the Division of Student Affairs. This assessment cycle then repeats itself with the following five identified steps. As the process evolves, the Division first identifies the goals and desired student learning outcomes that are compatible with those of the College. Offices then (1) identify and implement a program/service which is compatible with the overarching goals of the Division, (2) identify an assessment method for a specific learning outcome, (3) gather evidence for that outcome, (4) interpret the evidence collected and (5) articulate and engage decisions and practices to improve, sustain or terminate that service/program which ultimately leads to improved learning and effective use of resources.


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