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In the future, we'll have an exciting, interactive version of our floor plan, but for now you're stuck with this.  Enjoy nonetheless!
Item Descriptions 

Academic Affairs Office

An office for staff working in IC’s Academic Affairs division.  Currently occupied by Rebecca Spencer.

Archives Visitor Area

Where faculty, students, and researchers view archival material.  Our Archivist will retrieve items from the Archives and bring them to you in this room.

Archivist’s Office                                            

Where our Archivist conducts the business of the day.


The only bathrooms in Schewe, unfortunately.  Plan carefully.

Center for Academic Excellence

As per its website, “[the] Center for Academic Excellence is a resource site for services that promote academic success.”  Within the Center, you’ll also find the TRIO program, which helps students who (a) are first generation college students (b) meet federal family low-income guidelines, or (c) have diagnosed and documented disabilities.  Though the Center for Academic Excellence is not staffed by Library folks, we nonetheless vouch for their unimpeachable character and can-do spirit!    

Circulation Desk

The circulation desk is where you check out materials, request reserve items, handle any business relating to your Library account, and pay for color printing.  For most of these activities, you will need your IC identification.

Circulation Manager

Our Circulation Manager, Sarah Snyder, is most often found here.  Sarah is responsible for our student workers, and is also the person you should talk to about our I-Share program or any issues you’re having with our collections.  Sarah gets a ridged desk because she insisted on being different.

Classroom (Room 210)

Schewe’s classroom.  Used for Library sessions, presentations, professional development, and campus events.  Seats 30 and contains a number of Chromebooks for drop-in use.  When vacant, students can book this room (for studying, rehearsing, group work, etc.).


Most of our computers are PCs which require log-ons.  These PCs are equipped with Microsoft Office and various other software.  We also have two PCs available for scanning and drop-in use (no log-ons required).  There are printers and a photocopier scattered throughout the Library.

Course Reserves

Material which is directly related to and/or required for your courses.  This collection is heavily used, so material is usually checked out on a short-term basis.

Current Periodicals & VHS

Periodicals include magazines, journals, and newspapers.  This area contains current, print periodicals (“current” typically means anything within the last 12-months).  You’ll also find our VHS collection here, which, you’ll be shocked to learn, is seldom used.  Preposterous, I know!

DVDs & Blu-Ray                                         

A healthy mix of popular and educational material.  Gotta love a collection that contains Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage and the first two Human Centipede films!

Digital Learning Center

Quite literally the center of the Library, the Digital Learning Center (DLC) is a state-of-the-art space for the production of multimedia objects.  Video production?  Check.  Audio editing?  Check.  E-portfolios?  Check.  And a whole host of  other stuff, too.  Our Outreach Librarian, Luke Beatty, and our Educational Technologist, Andy Turner, would love to help you out with all things DLC.

Display Case

We put exciting and wonderful exhibits here.  Talk to our Outreach Librarian, Luke Beatty, if you’ve got something you’d like featured here.


First built by Archimedes in 236 BC, elevators are a type of vertical transport equipment.  This one is pretty unassuming, however.

Emeriti Research Room

An ‘emeritus’ is a retired professor.  This is a research room for retired IC Professors.


“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”  Oh, wait, that’s a different entrance.

Group Study

Tables suitable for group work.

Juvenile Collection

This collection houses material for a younger audience, typically adolescents through pre-teens.

Khalaf al Habtoor Archives at Illinois College                                   

IC’s Archives, which contain items of historical importance to the College and surrounding community.  Formerly on Schewe’s third floor, the Archives have now been renovated and relocated thanks to a generous donation from Emirati businessman Khalaf al Habtoor.

Library Director’s Office

You’ll find our current Library Director, Jan Figa, in this office.  Jan handles Schewe’s top-level business, and is responsible for setting the tone and strategic direction of the Library.  He also claims to own in excess of half-a-million books.  No one really knows what to make of that.

Main Collection

Schewe has a number of different collections, but the Main Collection is our largest.  The majority of the resources in the Library are found in this collection.  The Main Collection is found on the 1st and 3rd floors.

Materials Processing Area (Staff)

This is where we prepare our materials for entry in the Library proper.  Much like a sausage factory, it’s best that you don’t know the particulars of the work being done here.


Where one views microfiche.  Seek Librarian assistance if you’re unfamiliar with microfiche.  [And, really, there’s no reason you should be familiar with such an antiquated technology, so let us help you!]     

New & Notable

Many of our new materials live here until they are integrated into other collections.  Definitely worth a browse every few months.

Older Periodicals                                                 

Periodicals include magazines, journals, and newspapers.  This area contains non-current, print periodicals (“current” typically means anything within the last 12-months).  Current periodicals are located on the 2nd (Main) floor in the Current Periodicals & VHS area.

Outreach Librarian

This is where you’ll find our Outreach Librarian, Luke Beatty.  Luke is responsible for a lot of the programming and tech initiatives in the Library.  He also does the usual Librarian stuff, so feel free to ask him for help with your projects, research, or burning life questions.

Permanent Reserves

Material which is in-demand throughout the year.  This collection is heavily used, so material is usually checked out on a short-term basis.

Reading Area & Review Shelves

Imagine yourself in a comfy chair, with a good book in your lap, lounging in the midday sun which streams through a nearby window.  That’s what you’ll get here.  Also, you’ll find Schewe’s Review Shelves, which contain material we’re thinking about removing from the Library.  If you see something you think should be kept, tell a Librarian and we’ll ensure it survives to see another day.  

Receiving Room

Where Schewe receives its books, mail, etc.

Reference Collection                        

The Reference Collection contains material which is more ‘fact-oriented’ than material in our Main Collection.  You’ll find things like encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, handbooks, and other such material here.  Our Reference Librarian, Mike Westbrook, knows this collection like the back of his hand, and can help you find whatever you’re looking for.

Reference Information Desk

If you’re having trouble with your research, this is the place to get quick, timely help.  Our Reference Librarian, Mike Westbrook, is usually found here.  Stop by and say ‘hi’!

Relaxed Seating

Couches, soft chairs, etc. 

Special Collections

You’ll find a variety of smaller collections here, including our Technology, Curriculum, Professional,  Graphic Novel, and Popular Fiction collections.  A little business, a little pleasure, that’s what we’re about at Schewe.


As per, “the vertical shaft or opening containing a stairway”.  But you already knew that.

Study Carrels

Individual carrels with dividers.  Suitable for private, quiet study.

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