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Academic Search Complete -- This general database provides full-text coverage across a variety of journals, including over 7,700 peer-reviewed journals (and almost 6,000 other magazines/journals). Very popular with students.

ACM Digital Library -- This computer science database provides a complete collection of The Association for Computing Machinery's publications as well as full-text coverage of over 50 journals and magazines relating to computer science and IT.
ACS (American Chemical Society) Publications- Journal Search -- Peer-reviewed journals and magazines. ACS Publications published nearly 50 journals for the world's largest and most influential scientific society, providing worldwide scientific community with cutting-edge research from the most-cited, peer-reviewed publications in the chemical and related sciences. Full-text. 
African Journals Online -- This African studies database indexes over 350 peer-reviewed journals published in African countries. Though the database contains material from across a variety of disciplines, the bulk of the material has an African focus.

America: History & Life -- This history database provides information on the life and history of the United States and Canada, including full-text coverage of over 1,800 journals. Especially useful for historical and cultural literature.

American Chemical Society Publications-- This chemistry database provides full-text coverage of nearly 50 journals published by the American Chemical Society (which is the world's largest and most influential scientific society). Essential for chemists.

American Doctoral Dissertations, 1933-1955 -- Provides electronic access to the only comprehensive record of dissertations accepted by American universities during that time period, the print index Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities. Contains 22 years of dissertation research created with the support of the H.W. Wilson Foundation and the Congregational Library & Archives in Boston.
Annual Reviews (AR) -- Annual Reviews offers timely collections of critical reviews of 46 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical and Social Sciences including Economics. Some full-text. 
AP Images -- This image database includes a curated collection of contemporary and historical images used by the Associated Press. Images from across many genres. Images are royalty-free and usable by students in educational products.

ArticleFirst -- This general database indexes over 11,000 journals and magazines relating to science, technology, medicine, business, social science, humanities and popular culture. No direct full-text, but sometimes you'll find links out. 

ARTstor Digital Library -- This art database includes curated repository of images, with a heavy emphasis on art, architecture and specialized photography collections. Images are royalty-free and usable by students in educational products. 

ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials -- This religious studies database provides coverage of nearly 1,800 journals (some in full-text) across all fields of religion. Also indexes over 550,000 book and essay records (unfortunately not in full-text).

Atremis Literary Sources -- An integrated research experience, Artemis Library Sources brings together Gale's literary databases and allows search across these resources to discover and analyze content.

Britannica Academic -- This background resource combines Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, some ebooks and a collection of primary source documents. Great for background info. 

BioOne Complete -- This biology database provides full-text coverage of over 180 scholarly journals relating to biology, ecology and environmental science. Specializes in not-for-profit scientific journals. 

BioMed Central -- This biology and medical database provides full-text coverage of over 200 scholarly journals relating to biology and medicine. You can either browse by journal or use the search box in the top right of the screen to search with keywords.

Business Source Elite -- This business database provides full-text coverage of nearly 1,100 journals and magazines relating to business, management and economics (with over 500 being scholarly). Also good for company profiles and business videos. 

Chronicle of Higher Education -- The No. 1 source of news, information and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.

Clase Periodica -- This modern languages database indexes over 2,600 journals published in Latin America. Languages include Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. Content includes science, social science and humanities. No full-text, unfortunately. 

Classical Music Library -- This music database includes the world's largest repository of classical music recordings. Includes over 750,000 classical music pieces (available via streaming) as well as composer, ensemble and instrument information. 

CIOS (Communication Institute for Online Scholarship, also known as ComAbstracts) -- This communications database indexes the bibliographic citations and abstracts from over 150 communications journals and a number of books. Might also be of interest to public relations and journalism scholars. 

Communication & Mass Media Complete -- This communications database provides coverage of over 900 communications and mass-media journals (500 of which are full-text). Also includes extensive biographical entries for over 5,500 authors. 

Consumer Health Complete -- This health database provides full-text coverage of over 500 journals and magazines as well as full-text coverage of 250 health reference books. Also includes over 2,500 custom reports on various health topics. 

Criminal Justice (PQ) -- A comprehensive database of U.S. and international criminal justice journals. This database provides research support for students interested in careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections administration, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law and industrial security. Includes abstract and indexing for 250 titles, with more than 100 available in full-text. 
 CQ Researcher -- This background database provides custom, in-depth reports (usually around 12,000 words) on a variety of current and once-current issues. Reports include an introduction, overview, background, chronology and pros/cons. Great for getting a handle on new topics. 

CQ Weekly -- This political science database provides custom, non-partisan news and analysis of the United States Congress. Updated weekly, CQ Weekly covers almost all acts and significant happenings in Congress dating back until 1983.

Directory of Open Access Journals -- This general resource provides full-text access to over 11,000 open access, peer-reviewed journals (open access means they are provided at no cost). Contains materials across a variety of disciplines. 
Discovery Service for Illinois College (aka. Multi-Database Search) -- The Illinois College discovery service is a general database that searches the Illinois College catalog, I-Share and a number of our databases all at once. If you are looking for the absolute maximum number of results you can get with one search, this is the resource to use!

eBook Collection -- This ebook database gathers together over 5,400 ebooks from a number of sources. Primarily academic, but also includes fiction and juvenile fiction ebooks as well. 

Electronic Collections Online-- This general database provides indexing of over 5,000 journals across a variety of subjects, including modern langauges, business, economics, education, history and fine arts. No direct full-text links, unfortunately.

ERIC -- The Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) is the largest education database in the world, and contains over 1.5 million full-text records from scholarly journals, books, dissertations, curricula, etc.

Flipster by Ebsco (digital access to Science News)

Foreign Language Video Database -- This modern languages database contains over 300 foreign language videos in which native speakers elaborate on their culture, family, daily life and more. Ideal for instructional purposes or as teaching aids.

Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia -- This background resource provides over 25,000 full-text encyclopedic entries on a variety of topics. This resource is typically used in middle school environments, and so would be of chief interest to teachers or lesson planners.

Gale Virtual Reference Library -- GVRL is optimized for search, accessible simultaneously from any device, integrated with Google and loaded with tools to encourage bookmarking, downloading, sharing and more.

GeoRef -- This is the premier geology/geoscience database in the world, and includes over 3.5 million references to journal articles, books, maps and USGS publications. No full-text, unfortunately.

Google Images -- Search billions of copyright and copyright-free images. If you use images taken from Google Images in your papers, presentations, etc., please ensure you cite them properly.

Google Scholar -- This general resource is the academic version of Google. It contains scholarly works from across a variety of disciplines. If you only want to get full-text material, put filetype:PDF on the end of your search, and Google Scholar will only give you material in PDF format (which should be full-text).

GPO Monthly Catalog -- This political science database indexes over 500,000 Congressional reports, hearings, debates and records. Also includes judiciary materials and documents issued by executive departments. Many links to external documents.

HarpWeek -- Provides a searchable, full-text archive of Harper's Weekly (A Journal of Civilization) magazine from 1857-1912. Harper's Weekly typically included news articles, essays, fiction and various illustrations.

Health Source--Consumer Edition -- This consumer health database provides full-text access to over 80 health magazines and over 100 health reference books. More popular resources than scholarly resources in here, FYI. 

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition -- The health information database provides full-text access to nearly 300 peer-reviewed journals, and also includes bibliographic citations from almost 500 other journals.

HighWire -- HighWire is a general science database, and indexes nearly 3,500 peer-reviewed science journals (of which about 900 offer free, full-text content). Many of the items in the database are not free, and if you want to get access to these items, please submit them to our Interlibrary Loan service, and we'll see if we can get them to you at no cost. 

Illinois Periodicals Online -- Provides full-text coverage of 10 Illinois-centric magazines and journals. Some of the publications are scholarly, some are popular. 

JSTOR -- This general database provides full-text access to over 1,300 journals and magazines in a variety of content areas. The searching options are limited, but students like the "clean and simple" interface. 

LexisNexis -- This general database draws from over 17,000 distinct sources, and includes a variety of legal, business and news information. Best used for newspapers, company information and legal cases.

Library Journal -- The most trusted and respected publication for the library community. Built on more than a century of quality journalism and reviews, LJ provides groundbreaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy and other professional concerns to public, academic and institutional libraries.
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts-- The library science database provides abstracts and indexing for nearly 750 library and information science journals. One of the three marquee library science databases.

Literature Resource Center -- The literature database provides the world's most comprehensive collection of information about literature and authors. Includes full-text coverage of over 350 scholarly journals and literary magazines. Also includes critical essays, author bios and book reviews. 

MAS Ultra-School Edition -- Designed for high-school libraries, this general database provides full-text coverage of over 500 popular magazines (appropriate for high school students). Also includes a number of biographies. 

MasterFILE Premier -- Designed for public libraries, this general database provides full-text coverage of over 1,600 popular and general-interest magazines (and indexes about 1,000 more). Also has a map and image collection. 

MathSciNet -- This math database contains reviews, abstracts and over 1.7 million full-text articles (sourced from various publications, including over 2,000 math journals). Contains both pure and applied mathematics material. 

Metropolitan Museum Online Collection (Art & Images) -- Contains over 400,000 digitized images of works held in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to a basic search, you can also search by date, geography and object type. 

Military and Government Collection -- This political science database presents scholarly and current events material related to the United States military and government. Provides full-text access to nearly 300 journals and magazines and indexes nearly 400 more. 

 MLA International Bibliography -- This modern languages database indexes over 2.2 millions books, articles and websites having to do with modern languages, literature, linguistics and folklore. No direct full-text, but provides many links to external full-text content. 
Morgan County Data Portal -- This map resources is the most comprehensive GIS resource for Morgan County, IL. Includes parcel, tax, municipal and election maps for the county. Some maps are interactive, others are static.
Music & Performing Arts -- This music database - which is ideally suited for teaching music and/or for music educators - includes a variety of video and audio relating to music, theatre and dance. Content covers all historical eras. 
Music Online: Classical Scores Library -- This music database includes over 50,000 full-text classical music scores, including both public domain and in-copyright material. Over 4,600 composers are represented and scores can oftentimes be downloaded as PDFs.

National Jukebox -- This music database includes the largest collection of publicly available historical recordings, National Jukebox contains over 10,000 streaming audio recordings from 1900-1925. Includes both music and spoken word audio.

NAXOS Music Library -- This music database includes over 1.8 million streaming music pieces, taken from roughly 800 different labels. Includes popular, classical, and specialist pieces. Also includes over 40,000 composer and artist biographies.

New York Public Library Digital Collections -- Contains almost 700,000 images digitized from various New York Public Library collections. The search functionality isn't too fantastic, so try browsing a specific collection for best results.

The New York Review of Books -- This magazine database archives all issues of The New York Review of Books from 1963-present. The New York Review of Books features book reviews, essays, original poetry and current affairs reporting. 

NewsBank InfoWeb -- This newspaper database contains over 7,000 national and international newspapers (and magazines). Can search by region, topic or newspaper/magazine. Newspapers and magazines are full-text, but cover different periods.
Newspaper Source -- This newspaper database provides full-text access to over 350 regional, national and international newspapers. Also includes television transcripts from the major U.S. networks (CBS, CNN, FOX, etc.)

OAIster -- This general database includes over 30 million bibliographic citations of open-access resources (covering multiple topics and formats). No full-text per se, but most resources have an external link to full-text content.  

OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) -- A general database, OmniFile provides full-text access to over 3,000 journals and articles. You can find science, social science, humanities and fine arts content within this database.  

Oxford English Dictionary -- This background resource is the most authoritative and respected English language dictionary in the world.

PapersFirst -- This general database includes bibliographic citations for every conference, congress, symposium, exposition and workshop indexed by the British Library from 1993-present. 

Philosopher's Index -- This philosophy database is the only game in town insofar as philosophy databases go. Philosopher's Index provides full-text coverage of over 1,700 peer-reviewed philosophy journals. Also includes select reference materials. 

Primary Search -- This general database is appropriate for elementary school children (or those teaching them). Primary Search provides full-text access to over 100 popular children's magazines.

Proceedings -- This general database includes bibliographic citations for every conference, congress, exposition and workshop provided by the British Library Document Supply Center.
Professional Development Collection -- An education database designed for professional educators and education students. Provides access to over 500 full-text journals (300 of which are peer-reviewed) as well as various educational reports. 
Project Gutenberg -- This ebook database includes a digital library containing over 50,000 public domain ebooks. The interface looks a little ragged, but there is some good stuff here if you care to look.
Project MUSE -- Though a general database, Project MUSE excels in humanities and social science content. Includes over 350 full-text, peer-reviewed journals.  

ProQuest Congressional -- This political science database provides a full-text collection of congressional publications and public laws (1789-2014). Also has a bill-tracking service, finding aids and various research tools. 

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times -- This newspaper database archives all issues of The New York Times from 1851-2012. The New York Times is the world's most prolific and reputable newspaper and is an incredible historical resources. 

PsycARTICLES -- This psychology database contains almost 125 full-text journals from the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Educational Publishing Foundation and the Hogrefe Publishing Group. 

PsycInfo -- This psychology database provides bibliographic citations for over 2,500 psychology/psychologically-relevant journals (a portion of which are available in full-text). Also includes a number of doctoral dissertations. 

PubMed -- This health and medical database provides over 25 million bibliographic citations having-to-do with biomedical and life science topics. While there isn't a lot of full-text content in PubMed, it is the best medical database in the world.
PubMed Central -- This health and medical database is a full-text only version of PubMed. This means there are fewer articles to search, but all are immediately available. 

Regional Business News -- This business database includes roughly 400 American and Canadian full-text business magazines and newspapers. Though the items in this database aren't technically "scholarly", they are useful for news and factual research. 

Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 -- An archive of maps produced by the Sanborn company (for purposes of fire insurance) during the years 1867-1970,for over 550 cities in Illinois. Includes over 30,000 maps and is searchable by city. 

SASKIA art images -- This art database contains 30,000 images of paintings, sculpture and architecture across a variety of disciplines and content areas. Can search by date, creator, location and style/period.

Science AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) -- Access AAAS news, journals, papers, publishing opportunities, photos, podcasts, videos, and more on the advancement of science and science-related topics. Some full-text. 
SciFinder - Chemical Abstracts Service -- This chemistry database contains bibliographic citations from over 8,000 chemistry journals. Also contains specialized research tools for analyzing substances and reactions Interface is clunky, but worth the effort to use. To use this database, you must set up a personal account

SocIndex with Full Text-- SocINDEX is the premier sociology database and includes full-text coverage of over 400 sociology journals (and selective full-text coverage of nearly 3,000 additional sociology journals).

Teacher Reference Center -- This education database is designed for professional educators and administrators. It features a mix of scholarly and professional material and indexes nearly 300 education journals (some with full-text).

Woldfram MathWorld -- An online mathematics encyclopedia and reference work, covering not only pure and applied math, but also relevant historical figures and movements. The "search" function is located in the top-right of the splash page. 

WorldCat -- This general database contains a bibliographic citation for every book, article, DVD, CD, etc. held in any OCLC library in the world. No full-text, unfortunately, but a good starting place for research. 

WorldCat Dissertations -- This general database provides bibliographic citations for over 8 million theses and dissertations. No full-text, but you will often find external links which will lead you to a downloadable version of a thesis or dissertation. 

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