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Diana Pratt ’07

Diana PrattDiana Pratt ’07
Majored in chemistry and English
Forensic Scientist, Illinois State Police
Working for the Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center in Chicago, Diana is responsible for the firearms related cases that are submitted to the laboratory.
“Though I never originally imagined that I would be working so intimately with firearms on a daily basis, I find my position very satisfying. My chief responsibility is to determine whether a particular piece of fired evidence was fired from a particular firearm. The scope of my work, however, includes examining and test firing firearms, examining fired evidence, conducting serial number restorations, mentoring new examiners and, when required, testifying in court cases.”
“When I look back and reflect on what brought me to where I am, I have determined that the journey truly began with Illinois College. Though some might discredit a small school for its size, I believe its size was a contributing factor in my success. The class sizes allowed me to get to know, not only the subject matter more thoroughly, but also get to know my professors. The people, the experiences and the education that I received at Illinois College continue to inspire and encourage me to do more, do better and be flexible as the world around me continues to change. “

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