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Eduard Faith ’07

Eduard FaithEduard Faith ’07 
Majored in economics and international studies
Editorial Manager, Oxford Business Group
“I work for a research and consulting firm specializing in emerging market strategy and business intelligence …. I am able to research major developments in really dynamic economies, at a time when most Western markets are stagnant. Not only that, but I am also able to meet and interview the market players responsible for those developments.”
Faith credits Illinois College for preparing and igniting his passion for the globe-trekking he does in his current profession: “The scholarship and grants, the curriculum flexibility and the encouragement of close mentors on campus all really facilitated my first substantial trip overseas during my study abroad experience in Cape Town. My time in South Africa gave me new perspectives on the world. It refined my own ideas about what I wanted to do with my life. And it also gave me a glimpse of what more I needed to do to prepare myself for that life.”
Faith also speaks highly of the close-knit community on campus: “The Hilltop is no doubt a small community compared to many other colleges and universities. At IC you can be active in a number of different aspects of campus life. Most students really enjoy doing what they do well, making a difference and actually seeing that difference. However, I think it’s an equally great opportunity to do new things and open yourself up to experiences in which you may not do well.”

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