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Hans Gallas ’71

Hans GallasHans Gallas ’71
Majored in German
Director of Creative Services, TATTOO Brand Strategy
“Illinois College’s focus on the importance and vitality of a liberal arts education helped me immeasurably in my professional career in the arts, arts administration and in my company’s strategic business consulting with diverse clients. I am proud to be an IC graduate because of the importance of the experiences and education I acquired at the College in four short years – years that truly impacted my life, interests and careers. The interaction between fellow students, faculty and the community helped to make a small-town college education the entrée to a big-city, worldwide life experience.”

In its 24-year history, TATTOO Brand Strategy has worked with a diverse range of clients ranging from Martha Stewart to Oprah Winfrey; from Teen Vogue to CNN; and from Chanel to Cirque du Soleil! Projects have included the creation of new magazines, the development of new products and business strategies for start-ups.

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