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Drew Leonard ’03

Drew LeonardDrew Leonard ’03
Majored in economics-business
Project Manager, Southshore Environmental, Inc.

After graduating from Illinois College, Drew earned a master’s degree in environmental management from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He is currently working as project manager for Southshore Environmental, Inc. out of Denver, Colorado, where he supports the ongoing, multimedia compliance efforts for numerous power generation facilities across the country including combined cycle and simple cycle plants, coal-fired facilities and renewable energy sites.

“My education at IC helped lay the foundation for what I have been able to achieve professionally by providing me with a diverse liberal arts education. The well-rounded coursework allowed me to figure out the profession I wanted to pursue. Now, as a project manager in a small company, I am required to perform and manage a variety of functions. I believe IC provided me with the critical thinking and problem solving skills required to perform these functions well.”

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