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Stephen Tharp ’92

Stephen Tharp ’92
Majored in music
Stephen TharpWorld renown organist, Associate Director of Music at the Church of Our Saviour, New York City
Stephen Tharp is widely considered one of the finest and most traveled organists in the world. He has played over 1,400 concerts across 43 tours worldwide and performed with many of the most recognized names in classical music.
“Professors Garrett Allman and Rudy Zuiderveld were excellent, excellent teachers. During my time at Illinois College, I served for four years as keyboardist for the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. That experience was beautifully amplified by a broad, liberal arts education. Leonard Bernstein, in one of his Harvard Lectures, reminded his audience that the best way to learn any subject is through another discipline. My four years at Illinois College embraced this across the board, providing richer educational opportunities than I would have received in a conservatory setting where studies often involve little else than the constant practice of your chosen instrument.”

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