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Coalition for Ethnic Awareness

Founded on the mission of promoting racial/cultural harmony on the campus and allowing the student body to experience different culture, CEA has grown to become the proactive voice of cultural diversity at Illinois College. The organization strives to generate conversations on diversity within the IC community by organizing different events of various sizes throughout the semesters. In the recent years, CEA has branched out and developed partnership with other groups at Illinois College as well as other institutions.

As one of the largest  student organizations on campus, CEA is proud to have the most  diverse and continuously growing membership. We all come from very different countries, demographics, and backgrounds, but differences bring us together. CEA has been the place where diverse individuals come together and discover the commonalities and camaraderie among themselves. 

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Annual Events

Multicultural Festival
The biggest multicultural festival in Jacksonville! Every Spring semester, students, faculty, and staff coming from or having lived in different countries gather to introduce to the campus and the Jacksonville community the different national cultures they represent. There are food, dances, fashion, artifacts, music, etc. all packed into one eventful night.

Diversity Week
Diversity Week is a series of campus-wide events that features the different aspects of Diversity, be it cultures, nationalities, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religions, etc. CEA initiated the program in 2012 and has since coordinated the week in partnership with other departments and student organizations on campus. Diversity Week is the time for the campus to celebrate and cherish the diverse world in which we all live.

Diversity Show
Diversity Show (formerly named 45 minutes around the world) is CEA's signature event  during Diversity Week. Performances and presentations are put together to showcase diversity and global issues in an entertaining yet educational way.

Hispanic Heritage Month
CEA organizes events for the Latino community at IC to introduce and celebrate their culture. Some of the activities are Hispanic Cookout, discussion, and the Day of the Dead celebration.

Trips to University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or to Knox College for African Culture Night have become  some of the most  popular events for CEA members. Traveling shows us different perspectives  of Diversity that are hard to observe on campus or in Jacksonville area.

Socials and Discussions
Understanding of Diversity starts with small talks and genuine conversations. CEA members and non-members are encourage to get together and share stories about their own background as well as discuss the different issues or misunderstanding. These moderate-sized activities have perhaps brought the greatest success in helping individuals appreciate their own cultures and those of others.

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