What opportunities are available for students?

Sigma Tau Delta is the international English honors society. The objectives of the society are to bestow distinction for higher achievement in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies in English language and literature, to foster community interest within English departments, to encourage creative and critical writing.
Past projects and events include:
  • campus poetry slams;
  • fiction readings;
  • literary competitions;
  • student presentation at the Sigma Tau Delta national conference;
  • travel to dramatic presentations in St. Louis, Bloomington, and Champaign Urbana;
Forté is a student-edited literary magazine of poetry, prose, and visual arts created by Illinois College students.  The journal, published annually, not only provides an opportunity for IC students to see their work in print, but also develops copy editing experience and leadership skills among its student editors.  New issues of Forté are distributed to the campus community every spring, while past editions can be found in the online archive.
The Rambler is Illinois College's campus newspaper.  Published regularly, the Rambler has been a part of the IC community for over 130 years.  The paper is filled with campus news, student opinions, and other interesting articles, many of which are written by IC students.  Since the Rambler is run completely by students, opportunities for writing, editing, and leadership experience abound.
The Campus Writing Center provides assistance refining Illinois College community members' written work and runs special writing programs and events.  Open six days a week and staffed almost entirely by students, the CWC is a vital part of the campus community.  Consultants work closely with faculty and students to help them edit, organize, and polish writing from every discipline.  Students from any major interested in becoming CWC consultants first complete an apprentice program to develop their writing, editing, and peer review knowledge and skills. Consulting is an excellent on-campus job opportunity for those interested in writing and editing, and many consultants have the opportunity for leadership and research positions.

The Illinois College Undergraduate Conference of Writers (ICUCOWis an annual event sponsored by the Campus Writing Center where Illinois College students present their written work to the community.  The conference accepts academic and nonacademic submissions from all disciplines and awards prizes to writers with the best submissions. Selected works are published in proceedings of the conference.  Participating in ICUCOW provides valuable experience for those interested in refining their public speaking and presenting their writing in the future.

The English honors program is open to all English majors entering the second semester of their junior year.  The program involves a project to be developed by the student in consultation with a member of the English Department and to continue for four semesters. The project stresses both research and integration of sources. Creative writing projects may also be undertaken. The goal of the program is to give students a taste of graduate school and to produce a published paper.
Students in all academic disciplines are strongly encouraged to acquire practical experience by completing an internship. The Career Center, located in Baxter Hall, is Illinois College's main resource for matching a student's interest with their field of study. English majors have completed internships at the Springfield Magazine, New Salem, and Illinois College Public Relations Office. Students can also gain experience working in the Campus Writing Center, located in Kirby 204. The Campus Writing Center offers peer tutoring, faculty assistance and a number of other support services to all writers at Illinois College.

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