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Adam Lawler ’07

Adam LawlerMajored in English
Department of Neurology Grants and Contracts Manager, Duke University
Adam manages all grants and contracts for Duke University’s Department of Neurology. His role as a conduit between sponsors and faculty generally focuses on identifying, submitting, attaining and managing dozens of awards. In addition, he assists in interpreting and anticipating the effects of public policy which plays a direct role on the funding sources they seek. Ideally, his job is to manage faculty seeking the next big breakthrough in public health and neurological treatment.
At Illinois College, the close relationships he forged with faculty helps define the way that he approaches faculty at Duke.  

“Whether it was working with the Capos on developing critical thinking through reading and writing, or debating the legality and construct of the social agreements we make every day with Dr. Wells and Dr. Dean – every moment and every course influenced my approach in daily affairs.”

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