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Kim Peek

Kim PeekKim Peek ’08
Majored in English
Learning and Development Associate, InnerWorks

“I had an excellent English advisor at Illinois College who always told me that where there are words, there are jobs for English majors, and this really opened my eyes to the multitude of opportunities that were available to me,” Peek says. “At Illinois College I learned how to see everything with a critical eye, I greatly strengthened my writing skills, and I learned how to see the big picture. These skills have helped me in a multitude of ways throughout graduate school, Peace Corps and now in my new job.” 

Peek is putting those skills she learned at IC to good use as a learning and development associate for InnerWorks.
“In this position I am able to use my my teaching skills to create and implement employee training while also using my technical writing skills to develop detailed user guides and other supplemental materials,” Peek says. “Being able to draw from both my interests -- teaching and writing -- is a great pleasure and, at the same time, I'm learning a lot about the new fields I'm working in, print and technology. As an added bonus, I also get to use my Spanish skills on a daily basis.”

Peek adds, “The support I've received from my professors during and after my four years at Illinois College has been phenomenal. Illinois College is an amazing learning and social community, and it will always be a cherished part of my life.”

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