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Pre-Nursing – Making IC History

Andrea KestnerAndrea Kestner ’13
Majored in biology, pre-nursing program
Master degree work, Chicago’s Rush University College of Nursing
Andrea Kestner is the first Illinois College graduate to attend Chicago’s Rush University College of Nursing as part of a partnership between the two schools and is a wonderful example of how Illinois College biology majors prepare for a variety of medical school programs following graduation.

“I am extremely eager to attend Rush University College of Nursing,” says Kestner. “Professor Linda Cockerill told me about the GEM (generalist entry master’s) program at Rush, and it didn't take long for me to realize that this was an opportunity that I could not pass up.”

Through the affiliation with Rush University, a graduating Illinois College student, with the appropriate courses taken, has the opportunity to continue their education at Rush to receive a Master of Science in Nursing degree. The two-year master’s program includes a Registered Nurse license and a Clinical Nurse Leader national certification, as well.

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