Researcher, Clinician and Educator

Burel GoodinBurel Goodin ’02
Majored in biology
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Anesthesiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
Clinical Health Psychologist specializing in pain-related behavioral medicine

"As a biology major with minors in chemistry and psychology, my education at Illinois College was very diverse and well-rounded. However, more than any specific subject matter, I credit Illinois College for teaching me how to think critically and for shaping my ability to learn. As a professional psychologist, I have to be a lifelong learner. In order to maintain my professional license as well as stay abreast of all the recent advancements in research and healthcare, I must continually learn and understand new information. Illinois College played an important role in the development of my critical thinking and learning skills, and I apply these skills every day to my work as a researcher, clinician and educator.”

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