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Political Consultant and Strategic Planner

Megan BadaschMegan Badasch ’99
Majored in political science
Megan Badasch is a political consultant who provides training, operational recommendations and strategic planning guidance to candidates and political parties abroad and at home in the United States.

With nearly 15 years of experience gleaned from three Republican Presidential campaigns, two national party conventions, Capitol Hill and numerous grassroots campaigns, Badasch focuses her work on the Middle East and North Africa in support of emerging parties and training first time candidates, particularly youth and women in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan and most recently in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

“Small but mighty,” is how Megan Badasch characterized Illinois College when asked why she is proud to be an alumna. She explained, “We are a very tight-knit community and our alumni are doing extraordinary things. Learning peer leadership, communication skills and public speaking through campus leadership positions and Sigma Phi Epsilon gave me a leg up on my peers when I began my professional career.”
“Illinois College provided me a broad area of study that forced me to think creatively about where to find my niche,” said Badasch. “The political science department in particular supported me when I wanted to study abroad before there was a program on campus. Karen Dean pushed me. She had expectations of me, and I wanted to deliver.”

Badasch serves on the board of the Women’s Democracy Network and currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel, with her husband, a U.S. diplomat, and their two cats.

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