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“You are the case we are making in the world. Make it with passion and pride and make it undeniable.”
At Illinois college, "Graduate Ready" is more than just a phrase on ads and billboards; it's a promise to students and parents. Experiential learning opportunities like student-faculty research, internships, study abroad programs and community service projects help students discover their talents and enable success in graduate programs and their careers.
100% Graduates
So, what do you want your next chapter to say? That one titled College, yes that one, the one just a few pages ahead from where you are now. We want that chapter to start at Illinois College. For over 186 years, IC has been the home to students from across the nation and across the globe, with over 8,000 alumni worldwide. Here at the Hilltop, we prepare young people for productive, satisfying, and meaningful futures in our global society. The world, now more than ever, is in need of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and skillful strategists to carry us forward. A liberal arts degree from Illinois College will give you those experiences to propel you into whatever future you can imagine. 
98% Employed
“You are the case we are making in the world. Make it with passion and pride and make it undeniable.” Words from our 14th President, Dr. Barbara Farley, spoken during her inauguration in the fall of 2013. President Farley, our faculty, and our staff truly believe in the power that IC has to offer our students. Our dedication to our mission, to give our students the best possible opportunities to develop their minds, enrich their spirits and nurture their unique gifts and talents are key life pieces only attainable with the right opportunity.  We can give you the tools and resources to discover your future. We are dedicated to higher-order learning; techniques that get you out from behind the textbook and into real-life experiential learning. Your opportunity starts with Illinois College. Start here, start now.

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