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In the news: 179th Illinois College Commencement
In his 10th and final commencement at Illinois College, retiring President Axel Steuer on Sunday offered four guideposts to help this year’s 205 graduating seniors lead fulfilling lives.

“Think of me today as a scout who has traveled quite a few years in front of you,” he said. “I have been over the road that lies ahead to wherever your careers may take you. And here, in short, are the guideposts I offer:

“1. Never compromise integrity and you will have a life worth living; 2. Persist in following your dreams and your dreams have a good chance of being fulfilled; 3. Commit yourself firmly to justice and the world will be better because of you; and 4. Serve the needs of others, and your life as well as theirs will be enriched.”

Steuer addressed the class of 2013 during the commencement ceremony Sunday afternoon on the college’s historic upper quadrangle.


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