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This portion of our website is designed to provide transitional resources to the parents of new entering Illinois College students - it really is just for family members. We hope that you will find the information and links provided on these pages helpful as your family goes through the college transition together.
The Office of IC Connections is here to help you.
Having a son or daughter beginning college or transferring from one school to another is simultaneously exciting and stressful. The staff in the Office of IC Connections recognizes these issues and we are here to help you! We have designed an orientation program and have gathered resources specifically for the parents of first-year and transfer students.

Family Orientation Program Information

Family summer orientation is designed to answer your administrative, academic and transition questions. Whether your home is 5 or 500 miles away, we will provide you with presentations and information to prepare you for the college experiences that you and your son or daughter are about to begin.
The list of offices/presenters that are involved in orientation for family members includes:
  • Academic Affairs
  • Health Services 
  • Financial Aid
  • Business Office
  • Campus Security
  • Dining Services 
  • Counseling Center 
  • Residential Life 
  • Career Services
  • Bookstore
  • Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
  • Student Activities
  • Religious Life
  • Literary Societies and APO
  • Disability Services
Our relaxed setting allows you not only to get specific and accurate information about campus services and resources; it gives you the chance to meet other parents who are experiencing similar transitions within their families. The program also provides you with contacts, real people at the College, who can help if you have a question to ask, a concern to share or maybe a compliment to make.


The best time to register is when your son or daughter is reserving a space in an orientation program. All registration for student and parent orientations is done online. The Office of IC Connections is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and our staff will be happy to assist you with registration and answers to your questions.
Although attending the orientation program concurrently with your son or daughter is recommended, we understand that the orientation schedule might not permit you to do so. If this is the case, our staff will be happy to accommodate you on another available orientation date. Please note that due to the nature and content of orientation, we do not recommend bringing other children.
If you or any member of your family has a physical disability and will need accommodations during orientation, please let our staff member know this when registering so we can make the necessary arrangements. Call 217.245.3094 at least one week before your orientation program. Additional information for students with disabilities is available from the Office of Disability Services at 217.245.3774.

FAQs From Family Members

Why should I attend?
Students report that input from their parents is one of the most significant influences on the decisions that they make when they come to IC. Informed families can and do influence the success of their children when they attend college. The more you know about the academic resources and services available to your son or daughter, the better prepared you will be to ask the “right” questions or provide the most helpful answers in the future.
Why do family members have a separate program? 
Not surprisingly, parents of new students often have different concerns than their sons and daughters when it comes to college transition. While both are concerned about classes and course registration, students are typically focused on a few additional topics. Parents tend to have more questions concerning health services, safety on campus, college financing and the overall well-being of their sons and daughters. Parent orientation covers these issues in detail. 
In addition, the College wants students to begin assuming primary responsibility for their academic and co-curricular decisions. Orientation serves as the steppingstone in this process, highlighting relevant resources and reminding students that their decisions will have important consequences.
How can I help my student prepare? 
There are a couple things you can do to help your student prepare for orientation.
  1. Ensure that they complete the online Mathematics Placement Exam. It is integral that all students take the Math Placement Exam prior to coming to orientation. This will make their experience more enjoyable and expedite the registration process. 
  2. Ensure that students who are required to take the online Language Placement Exams take their exams prior to coming to orientation. Students will not register for related courses without this test on their record.
  3. Take your student to their physician to complete the Health and Immunization Form. This form can be turned in during orientation check-in.
  4. Talk with your student about course expectations. You will not be with your student when they register for classes and will not be able to be in contact with them. Please discuss any registration concerns prior to orientation.
  5. Help them pack. Please view the recommended packing list for students and ensure that they pack all their necessary items. 
  6. Be a guide and set expectations. Your student may be overwhelmed with the amount of people who he/she is going to meet at orientation. Help your student understand that this is a time to step out of their comfort zone and to meet new people. They will be given a lot of new information that is important, but may be forgotten. Encourage your student to take notes and listen for important information that will assist them in their transition. Tell them to have fun! Orientation is a great experience and most students report feeling more comfortable with their decision to attend IC after orientation.

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