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How can I stop hazing on campus? 

The best way to eliminate hazing is to inform the bystanders - those who are standing idly by while hazing takes place. Even students who don't actively take part in hazing enable it to continue by not standing up against it. You may feel you are the only one who is opposed to hazing, but that is probably not the case. You are probably in the silent majority, but no one wants to be the first to speak up.

We all can help end hazing!
   • Faculty
   • Staff
   • Coaches
   • Campus and City Police
   • RAs and Residence Life Staff
   • Academic Advisors
   • Students
         o hazing victims
         o student leaders
         o organization/team member

Simply, any person who witnesses or suspects that hazing may be occurring has a duty to report the activity.

Bystander Responsibility
1. Notice the Event
Take it as your responsibility to be able to define and recognize possible hazing activities.
2. Recognize the behavior as a problem
Many people witness hazing, but think it is harmless fun or silly pranks. Violent hazing, such as paddling or punching, is easy to recognize. Subtle hazing is difficult to recognize yet is more prevalent on campus.
3. Feel a responsibility to help solve the problem
If you see it and think it's wrong, do you feel it's your place to act? As a member of the Illinois College community we need to stand up and take a stand against hazing to help foster a safe community for everyone at Illinois College.
4. Know what to do
Take the time to become familiar with the reporting resources available to you through Illinois College. These reporting tools allow you to report suspected hazing activities anonymously and confidentially.
  • Call the Dean of Students, Dr. Malinda Carlson at 217-245-3006
  • Call the Coordinator of Literary Societies & APO at 217-245-3580
  • Call Campus Security 217-245-3111
  • Report the activity online
  • Anonymous hotline 217-245-3366
5. Possess the capacity for action
Even if you know what to do, do you have the courage to do it? This is a question that only you can answer. If you use the resources provided, reporting can be anonymous, confidential, and quick. Be a part of the solution to end hazing at Illinois College and in our community.

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