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“Magic Flutes and Heroic Trumpets” marches into Illinois College


A collaborative concert for flutes, trumpets and the pipe organ will be presented at Illinois College on Saturday, September 8, at 7:30 p.m. in Rammelkamp Chapel.

Organist Rudolf Zuiderveld, flautist Ann Marie Stahel and trumpeter John Hume will perform in a collaborative concert of music from the Baroque Era titled “Magic Flutes and Heroic Tumpets.”

“The program includes sonatas for flute and keyboard, and a solo trio sonata for organ, both by J.S. Bach, allowing appreciation of real flute with organ flute stops,” Zuiderveld said.

Two concertos by Venetian composers Antonio Vivaldi, arranged for organ by Bach, and Tomaso Albinoni, arranged for trumpet and organ, will be part of the program. Plus there will be an anonymous Spanish battle piece, for a battery of organ trumpet stops, illustrating the fight between life and death.

The program will conclude with “12 Heroic Marches” by G.P. Telemann, each short march having a character title, like “Majesty,” “Love” and “Rejoicing,” and alternating a variety of recorders and two trumpets.

“A central idea for the program is the pleasure of experiencing real flutes and trumpets, and compareing them to great variety of flute and trumpet stops on the Hart Sesquicentennial Organ in Rammelkamp Chapel,” Zuiderveld said.

Hume specializes in trumpet performance and is the associate pastor at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Jacksonville. Stahel is the director of the Illinois College Wind Ensemble and is director of liturgical music, organist and choir director for Our Saviour Catholic Church in Jacksonville. Zuiderveld is emeritus professor of music at Illinois College and organist at First Presbyterian Church in Springfield. He is also the college organist for both Illinois College and MacMurray College.

The concert is free and open to the public.


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