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Community/Civic Engagement Embedded Experience
Course Guidelines

In order to qualify as a Community/Civic Engagement Embedded Experience, it must

1. serve the mission of a registered non-profit, civic organization, or civic/political process. If working with a local organization the plan for the activity must be agreed upon by that organization in advance of the activity;
2. prepare students to appreciate the diversity of attitudes and beliefs of their community in advance of the planned interactions;
3. involve a text (book, film, poem, etc.) which will serve as a means for connecting academic knowledge with the engagement activity;
4. involve a meaningful and substantial engagement with the community, civic organization, or civic/political process and provide a means for documenting this engagement;
5. prepare students to explain diverse perspectives on at least one issue, demonstrating an ability to understand, express, and evaluate ideas based on others’ perspectives.
6. provide opportunities for the students to reflect on their experiences in terms of their personal development, their academic growth, and their sense of community/civic awareness;
7. involve some form of public communication (e.g., an essay, talk, performance) about these activities.
Meaningful service learning takes place across the college. In order for a co-curricular, Break-Away, or Study Abroad experience to qualify as a Community/Civic Engagement Embedded Experience for academic credit, it must meet all the criteria listed above, and a faculty member must agree to supervise this activity.


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