Speaking Extensive

Course Guidelines

In order to qualify as a Speaking Extensive course, it must

1. include at least 10 minutes of oral presentation time for each student during a given semester (e.g., one 10-minute presentation; two 5-6 minute presentations; three 3-4 minute presentations);
2. require student oral presentations to be continuous and uninterrupted;
3. require each student to speak individually for a significant portion of the oral presentation in partner or group presentations (as determined by each course instructor);
4. provide an assessment tool (rubric, etc.) to the Curriculum Review Committee that clearly assesses each of the intended outcomes (see attached Sample Oral Presentation Rubric).

All speaking assignments must be completed for the student to pass the course.

Co-curricular Guidelines

The BLUEprint General Education Program allows students to fulfill one (1) of their Speaking Extensive requirements in a co-curricular activity. These guidelines are designed to allow the potential for a variety of different co-curricular activities (such as literary society productions, theatre performances, poetry recitals, etc.) to fulfill the Speaking Extensive requirements. For such activity to qualify for Speaking Extensive credit, it must

1. A. consist of a minimum of 10 minutes of uninterrupted presentation time, distributed between no more than 3 distinct presentations;
B. consist of a group presentation or performance of at least 30 minutes, in which participants who speak for a minimum of 10 minutes may seek Speaking Extensive credit;
2. be from any of the three traditional types of speech delivery:
• memorized (no notes of any kind)
• an original manuscript (reading word-for-word)
• extemporaneous (a carefully prepared speech using notes);
3. be completed during a single academic semester;
4. be assessed and graded by a faculty member who has either been trained in a Speaking Across the Curriculum seminar or has taught a Speaking Extensive course;
5. achieve a “passing grade” on said assessment(s).


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