Connected Courses

Course Guidelines

Simultaneously bonded

1. The two courses take place in the same semester.
2. Students in the two courses have at least two common experiences (assignments or projects).
3. Students from one course will participate in at least one collaborative experience with students from the other course.

Sequentially bonded:

1. The material that is taught in the first course in the sequence must be applied in the second course.
2. If one course is a prerequisite for another course, these two courses can count as sequentially bonded if one course is in a different discipline from the other.


1. The two instructors must agree that their two courses will appear on the course schedule as “related.”
2. The instructor of a course, which is approved as a “related” course, will be informed by the Registrar which students in his or her course are taking it as a course that is “related” to another course.
3. To be considered “related,” the two courses must have a thematic link that is at least (but not limited to) 25% of each course. This 25% can be determined according to the number of course periods or assignments or a combination of the two.


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