Senior Capstone Experience

Course Guidelines

• Interdisciplinary Capstone

An Interdisciplinary capstone synthesizes two or more disciplines. The distribution among the disciplines should be approximately equal. The Capstone can be taught by a single professor or two or more professors coming together to create a single experience.

• Disciplinary Capstone with an Interdisciplinary Component

A disciplinary capstone will have an interdisciplinary component, which is synthesized within the disciplinary topic. The component can have one or more disciplines. The distribution of the interdisciplinary component should be approximately one-fifth of the capstone.

• Other

Alternatives to the above two capstone options can include field experiences such as student teaching. Other alternatives include capstones that have both an academic component and an experiential component. The academic component must be at least one-half of the experience. Examples of experiential components include but are not limited to: service learning, study abroad, or BreakAways.

A senior capstone may be discipline specific; however, students will have to take another capstone from those listed above.

A Senior Capstone Experience needs to consist of three to four credit hours and can take place over two consecutive semesters.

A Senior Capstone Experience description does not necessarily need to indicate the specific additional disciplines for approval. This would allow for change from semester to semester, but all syllabi need to demonstrate how the intent of the capstone experience is met.

Generally accepted disciplines are as listed in the Illinois College catalog. Other possible accepted disciplines include those listed at referent liberal arts colleges or generally accepted partner programs.


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