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Service-Learning Guidelines

*In an effort to aid in the success fulfillment of Illinois College’s mission which in part, states,

 “The College develops in its students qualities of mind and character needed for fulfilling lives of leadership and service,” the following guidelines are offered.  These guidelines are intended to aid in the successful engagement in and completion of service-learning projects in your classes. Please contact Kelly Dagan (kdagan@mail.ic.eduor 245-3442) if you have any questions/issues that are not addressed below. Others in the office that may be able to help you are: Lori Oldenettel, Coordinator of Community Engagement and Service ( or 245-3596) and Katie Brunk, Ameri*Corps VISTA ( or 245-3571).

1.  Inform Kelly Dagan of your project idea.

-Contacting K. Dagan is not so that you may get permission to engage in a project, rather it is to provide her with necessary information. She will be the person on campusofficiallyrecording the service-learning projects that occur.

-If you are uncertain about aspects of the project idea, K. Dagan can help brainstorm with you, provide helpful hints, make initial contacts to investigate the viability of projects, help deal with problems that arise, etc.

-If you do not need any help from K. Dagan, she still needs to be informed of what projects are occurring within classes across campus.

2.  Establish and record the service project plan.

-It is vital that the Professor, students, and organization understand what is expected of all parties involved in the service-learning project.

-A brief “contract” can be helpful. Simply indicate the goals of the project, the activities expected from teacher, students, and staff of organization,

3.  Complete initial paperwork.

-College liability forms need to be completed if students will be serving off-campus. These are available on the Leadership Program’s website.

-If appropriate, waivers for on-campus events may need to be completed.

-If appropriate, student background checks may be necessary (depends on the organization they are serving).

-If appropriate, IRB forms may need to be completed.

4.  Develop a system of recording service hours.

-You will be asked this information on the end of the semester assessment forms, so it makes sense to collect this data when it occurs (more accurate). You may choose to collect this data in any number of ways:

-Students keep a log/journal of their hours, organization keeps a log, create sign-in sheets for specific events

5.  Follow on-campus procedures and contact appropriate offices.

-Consult IC’s master calendar when scheduling your event.

-Think about what campus personnel will be necessary or impacted and coordinate with them in advance.

-Reserve space for event. Major events (those involving many people) should be held at off-campus locations or not held during academic class times. Please consult J. Horabik regarding the viability of any major events you are interesting in coordinating.  

-Contact Registrar’s Office if need classroom space before 4:00 p.m. during week days.

-Contact Event Scheduler (J. Horabik) if need classroom space after 4:00 p.m. during weekdays, any space over the weekends, or any non-classroom space at any time. When reserving space for events with J. Horabik, you will need to indicate any and all set up needs (technology, tables, chairs, etc.). She will take care of that.

-Familiarize yourself with informational or fundraising tables in Cain (procedure found in CSI)

-Please note: avoid soliciting monetary donations by going to specific offices on campus.

-Familiarize yourself with the posting/poster policy (Procedure found in CSI).

6.  Develop and complete reflection activity.

-Reflection activities can take many forms:

           -Class discussion (take notes on what is communicated)

           -Class assignments (journals, papers, exam questions)

           -formal evaluations of the experience (quantitative or qualitative)

7.  Complete assessment forms.

-Assessment forms will be sent out at the end of every semester or these forms can be found on the Leadership Program website.

-Completing these forms is the only way your service-learning project will be officially recorded.

For additional information, click to contact Kelly A. Dagan 

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