Graphic Standards Manual and Style Guide

In 2008 Illinois College adopted a new graphic identity reflecting the institution’s distinguished tradition and sense of mission.
Projecting a consistent and bold image of Illinois College's new graphic identity fosters awareness of, and recognition for, the College. All requests for copies of the logo — available in a variety of file formats — as well as approvals for usage should be routed through the Office of Marketing and Communication.
If you require further direction on usage of the College’s graphic elements in production of your materials, please contact the office by emailing or calling 217.245.3048. Anything that includes the College logo or wordmark must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communication.
The style guide section is offered as a tool to ensure consistency among publications, correspondence and other communications written on behalf of Illinois College. The Associated Press Stylebook serves as the primary reference guide for punctuation, italicization and capitalization. Some academic journals and publications require unique reference and grammatical rules. In such cases, you are encouraged to consult those standards.
This brief guide is not comprehensive, but rather addresses the most common style issues and points unique to Illinois College and those areas in which the College diverges from AP Style. You may address specific questions to the Office of Marketing and Communication at 217.245.3048.
This Graphic Standards Manual and Style Guide is designed to give general guidance.

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