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Private lessons are available for voice, all wind and string instruments, piano and organ, and music composition. Lessons are available for beginners through experienced musicians. Beginners, those unable to read music or with no prior experience, should consider joining one of the group lesson classes:  MU109 Class Voice, MU119 Class Piano, or MU128 Class Guitar.

To join a private studio:
1)  Find the class number below and register at for one credit, or two credits if you are planning a recital.  (Music majors and minors will receive private lessons for free, but non-majors/minors will be charged a lesson fee - check the registrar for specific charges)
2)  Your instructor will contact you within the first week of classes to set up a lesson time.  If your instructor does not contact you within the first week, please email him or her with your name and your weekly schedule.  Instructors will make every effort to work around your schedule.  Please be flexible when planning lesson times.
3)  Instrumentalists are expected to provide their own instrument for lessons.  Exceptions are made for larger instruments (tuba, bassoon, etc), and a limited number of other instruments are available to borrow from the Music Department.  Contact the Music Office to inquire about borrowing instruments.  
4)  One credit lessons meet once a week for 30 minutes, two credit lessons meet for one hour.  Student are expected to spend at least three hours per week in outside-of-class preparation (five to six hours for two credit lessons).
5) Students are expected to be fully prepared for each lesson.  Faculty have the right to refuse instruction if the student arrives unprepared.  Private lessons are a performance-based class, and students will be graded on weekly individual preparation and measurable improvement over time.
6)  All students registered for lessons must complete at least one recital performance, such as a Music@4 Departmental Recital, and one jury examination per semester (recital performances are sometimes waived for the first semester of lessons).  Students in their first or second semester of lessons are eligible to perform in the yearly "Rookie Recital." 
6) Students planning a recital should contact their instructor for detailed information about half-recitals, capstone recitals, lecture recitals, and other opportunities.
Refer to the class numbers below to register.  Email the instructor or check for further information:
MU 230          Organ
MU 240 V       Beginning Piano
MU 240 A       Intermediate/Advanced Piano
MU 250          Voice
MU 260 A1     Trumpet
MU 260 A2     Trombone / Tuba / Euphonium / Baritone
MU 260 A3     French Horn
MU 260 B       Guitar
MU 260 C       Percussion
MU 260 D1     Violin / Viola
MU 260 D2     Cello
MU 260 D3     Double Bass / Electric Bass
MU 260 E1     Flute
MU 260 E2     Oboe
MU 260 E3     Clarinet
MU 260 E4     Bassoon
MU 260 E5     Saxophone
MU 270          Composition
300-level lessons are available to advanced musicians by arrangement.  See for more information, or email the instructor.



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