Meet Illinois College Music Alum:
Mathilda Edge

Currently pursuing Masters Degree in Vocal Performance at Indiana University.  Plans to continue toward a Doctorate in Voice and become a performer and teacher.
Briefly describe your musical background before college:
"I grew up singing in my church choir since I was 2-years-old, and I taught myself to play the piano at a young age.  I started studying voice at age 9, and in 5th grade I began to play the flute in school band.  Later, I played saxophone for high school marching and pep bands."

What drew you to the IC Music Department?
"I actually began my college career at a different university.  One of the biggest draws to IC Music Department was the voice teacher, Professor Addie Gramelspacher. She received her Masters under the same teacher I had been studying with at my previous college, so I knew she had good technique and would be a sound teacher. That was definitely the case, and that is a large reason why I stayed in the Music Department."

What was your favorite part about participating in IC Music?
"What stands out to me as I look back on my tenure in IC’s Music Department is (without trying to sound cliché) the sense of family. I experienced in college, like most everyone, hard times, great times, tough decisions, easy decisions, bad days, good days, etc., and the faculty of the IC Music Department was always there to support, encourage, give much-needed tough-love guidance in those times of need. If it weren’t for the faculty’s encouragement and support I would most likely not be following my dream to continue my studies in Music like I am now!"

How do you feel the IC Music Department prepared you for your life after college?
Currently I am in graduate school studying music, and the IC Music Department prepared me with great tools and opportunities to be a sound, confident, and experienced performer. While at IC I was able to perform solo numerous times at many different events including while traveling on choir tours to New York, Chicago, and New Orleans.  

What would you say to entering students who are unsure about participating in music in college?
Now that I'm past undergrad, you wouldn’t believe the number of people I meet that tell me they wish they would have pursued music a bit more when they were in college. Don’t be that person, pursue music! Even if you know music will always just be a pastime, it’s a pastime that will fulfill you for the rest of your life!

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