Important Dates for Chairs


August For new full or part-time faculty, the Dean’s Office organizes new faculty orientation, including orientation to Connect2 and information technology, introductions to important offices, and discussion of faculty responsibilities. Chairs’ contact with new faculty in the weeks before the semester begins, talking about their responsibilities, will help ensure a smooth transition.

The last Monday in August, when all faculty hold office hours from 9 to 12, is especially important for chairs, who may be asked to help students with last minute requests and rulings.

If any faculty in your department or program will stand for review by the Senate, this is a time to plan class visits. Portfolios, which usually include a letter from the chair, are due September 15 for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th year reviews and October 1 for others.

All colleagues turn in syllabi to the Dean’s Office by the tenth day of each semester. Looking at your colleagues’ syllabi may also be useful to you as you think about your department or program’s curriculum.
September Send to the Registrar any changes in courses or course scheduling for the spring semester.
October If your department or program wishes to propose replacements for faculty on sabbatical leave in the next academic year, these are due to the Dean’s office by October 15.
November Lists of courses which will be taught in both semesters of the next academic year are due in the Registrar’s Office.
  Your budget proposal for the next academic year is due in the Dean’s Office.
  Changes in catalog copy are due to the Registrar’s Office.

Confidential letters for faculty standing for tenure or promotion are due on October 15.
January Evaluations of all the colleagues in your department or program are due in the Dean’s office by the end of January. You should meet with each person to discuss your evaluation before meeting with the Dean in early February.

All colleagues turn in syllabi to the Dean’s Office by the tenth day of each semester. Looking at your colleagues’ syllabi may again be useful to you as you think about your department or program’s curriculum.
  The department or program’s midterm assessment report is due to the Chair of the Assessment Committee.
February Meet with the Dean concerning self-assessment and evaluation of your colleagues.

If your department will use ETS testing, place orders with the Dean's Office.

If your department makes student awards for the Celebration of Excellence, these decisions must be communicated to the Dean of Students’ office.
March If any of your colleagues propose sabbaticals, this is an appropriate time for long-term curricular planning.
April The Registrar’s office will ask you to certify that majors and minors have completed all requirements for graduation.
May Immediately preceding the last faculty meeting, you proofread the list of majors from your department or program to be sure it is correct.

Departmental or program assessment reports are due in the Dean’s office on June 1.

If your department or program wishes to propose a new or replacement tenure-track position, these are due to the Dean’s office by June 1.

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