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Grant will aid Illinois College in distinctive general education program


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York City recently awarded Illinois College a grant of $214,000 to implement its distinctive new general education program. This is the largest award Illinois College has received to date from the foundation.

“This important grant allows faculty to work together as they develop new course modules using the most innovative teaching ideas,” stated Elizabeth Tobin, dean of the college. “Faculty will use the funding to become highly effective at using new teaching strategies.”

Based on learning communities, integrated learning, the inclusion of general education goals into majors, and universal capstone courses, the new Illinois College general education curriculum is designed to make liberal arts knowledge and skills students need for careers in the 21st century – effective communication, clear ethical standards and the ability to use statistics – accessible to all students, including those previously underrepresented in higher education. The new general education requirements will begin with students who enter Illinois College in the fall of 2012 and will be gradually implemented as those students progress in their coursework.

Illinois College President Axel Steuer noted, “Illinois College has made a concerted effort to build on its liberal arts heritage in preparing students for fulfilling professional careers. A broad and inclusive general education program lies at the heart of that heritage.” He continued, “We are grateful and honored to partner with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in strengthening the core liberal arts program of Illinois College.”


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