Outside Scholarship Opportunities - May 2015 Deadlines

Please visit the individual websites for complete information.
Deadline; 5/1/2015.  Currently enrolled students are encouraged to write an essay about your most memorable experiences - both good and bad - as a driver and/or passenger.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/1/2015.   High school seniors and currently enrolled college students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.  Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to be considered and will have to answer two questions about providing care for someone.  $1,000

Deadline: 5/1/2015.  Students must have a minimum 40dB bilateral hearing loss or greater in both ears.  Applicants must submit application, letters of recommendation, and college transcripts.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/1/2015.  Currently enrolled full-time college students who currently own a lawn care business, ran a lawn care business in the past, or plan on starting a business upon graduation are encouraged to apply.  Students must submit a transcript, an updated resume, and a 500 - 700 word essay about your passion for building a business.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/1/2015.  Students studying to be an paralegal or planning to pursue a paralegal profession are encouraged to apply by submitting an essay discussing why they want to be part of the profession.  $500
Deadline: 5/1/2015.  The Victor A. and Daisy A Juarez Latino Scholarship is available to students of Latino background who are currently enrolled in or accepted to an accredited college or university.  Students will be selected based on a wide range of criteria.  Three scholarships are awarded each year.  $1,500 
Deadline: 5/1/2015.  Students pursuing a program in Botany, Horticulture, Environmental Science, Conservation, or a related field, with an interest in orchids are encouraged to apply.  The purpose of the scholarship is to advance the study and care of orchids.  $500
Deadline: 5/1/2015.  High school seniors and current college students of any major are invited to participate in this scholarship by submitting an essay related to high-profile data leaks.  $1,000 
Deadline: 5/1/2015.  Any student who plans to be enrolled full-time at a four year college during the 2015-2016 school year is eligible to apply.  Students should submit an essay of 300 words or less describing one way in which your education has empowered you.  Up to $10,000
Deadline: 5/25/2015.  This scholarship is open to high school juniors and seniors as well as currently enrolled college students.  Students need to write an essay regarding three characteristics of leadership you value most.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/30/2015.  This scholarship is available to currently enrolled college students majoring in Finance, Accounting, or a related field.  Students must have at least a 3.2 GPA, have volunteered at a non-profit organization in the previous year, and know the difference between a 1040EZ and 1040 Long Form for taxes.  $1,000 
Deadline: 5/30/2015.  Graduating seniors, college freshmen or sophomores who owns and operates his/her own small business, or has put together a business plan to start a business while in college is eligible to apply.  Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and demonstrate high ambition and desire to be an entrepreneur or business owner.  $2,000
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  The American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarships are awarded to students attending non-tribal colleges. These scholarships are funded through our partnerships with corporate and private donors and are available to American Indian/Alaska Native students attending public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities. The American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarships are administered by the American Indian College Fund and are generally based upon merit or demonstrated financial need.  Must be registered as a member of a federal or state recognized tribe, or a descendant of at least one grandparent or parent who is an enrolled tribal member.  Amounts vary​​
Deadline: 5/31/2015.   Students are encouraged to submit an 500 word essay based on the rapid changes in communication and the impact on society. Students are also asked to complete a survey.  $1,000 
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  Students are encouraged to write a business proposal plan for an online business startup that would challenge the likes of Google and Facebook.  Additional media can be submitted as well.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  Students are encouraged to submit an essay discussing Online Brand Protection, providing a plan of action to establish a new brand name online.  $1,000.
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  Graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are encouraged to submit an essay discussing a recent whistleblowing incident.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  Graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled freshmen are eligible to submit an essay discussing a favorite picture or a time you wish you had a camera.  $1,000
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  Graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled freshman, sophomore, and junior students are encouraged to submit an essay based on sharing economy companies (like Uber).  $1,000 
Deadline: 5/31/2015.  Students with an interest in marketing and graphic design are encouraged to apply for the scholarships provided by Sunoco.  Two scholarships are available.  $1,000


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