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If you are a company or individual offering a scholarship that you would like posted on this website, please click here. 
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Illinois College does not recommend that you pay any fees to find and apply for college scholarships. Other good places to look for scholarships include community organizations, schools, churches, parent's employers, and of course, your high school guidance counselor.
Click on the links below for outside scholarships (organized by deadline date) identified by Illinois College. This is not an all-inclusive list and we cannot guarantee the validity of the information. Please check each website carefully for criteria and deadlines.  For new and updated scholarship information, please  click on the "Read More" option that is provided at the end of each month. 
Good Luck!


Outside Scholarship Deadlines in January 2017
Fundera College Scholarship
Bug & Ideas Hunting Contest
eduCBA Scholarship for College Students
National Dept Relief
Sleepy Deep Annual Scholarship

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in February 2017
Manualbirds Video Scholarship Program
Live Well Financial Annual Scholarship
Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in March 2017
Scholarship Essay Opportunities 
Don't Text and Drive Scholarship
Sleepopolis Scholarship 
SonoBoom Annual Scholarship

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in October 2016
AES Scholarship
Toptal Scholarships For Female Developers
Workforce Transition Scholarship
Technology- Related Award
Enhanced Insurance Scholarship

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in November 2016
Road to the Future Scholarship
Zumper Apartments College Scholarship
Spotless Cleaning Chicago Scholarship
Becker Scholarship
Hartford Technology Rental Writing Scholarship
Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship

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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in December 2016
Burning Tree Academic Excellence College Scholarship
Scholarship for Students of Convicted Felons
Harrington Law Scholarship
Becoming an Educator Scholarship
Cancer Awareness
Creative Arts Scholarship
Colonial Ghosts Scholarship
Jacoby & Meyers Scholarship 2016
CANDERE Scholarship
Vi-tae Scholarship
CuraDebt Scholarship
Sales Training and Development Scholarship
Medical Assistant Degrees Scholarship

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