Click "Read More" for scholarships with deadlines in the month of July 2015. Examples of scholarship opportunities are below:

Outside Scholarship Opportunities - July 2015 Deadlines
Please visit the individual websites for complete information.
Deadline: 7/1/2015.  High school seniors are encouraged to apply for this scholarship by submitting an essay of approximately 2500 words covering any topic of Irish History.  $2,500
Deadline: 7/1/2015.  Military students or dependents of active duty military are invited to apply for this scholarship.  Students must submit a short essay discussing how the military has positively impacted your life.  $1,250
Deadline: 7/15/2015.  Junior and Senior history majors with a passion and appreciation for historical documents and preservation are encouraged to submit an essay discussion what role technology will play in the preservation of history and historical documents in the future.  $1,000
Deadline: 7/14/2015.  Currently enrolled college students studying Pre-Law, Family Law, Law, Criminal Justice, or Sociology are encouraged to submit a legal essay outline the step-by-step process of divorce proceedings.  $2,500
Deadline: 7/17/2015.  High school and currently enrolled college students are encouraged to submit a 500+ word essay on how laws can be changed to make roads and highways safer.  $1,000  
Deadline: 7/30/2015. High school seniors and currently enrolled college students are encouraged to submit an essay about your opinion on the importance and efficacy of the 7th Amendment and how it affects your life.  $2,000
Deadline: 7/31/2015.  Goedeker's Appliances is offering two scholarships for textbooks.  Students must submit an essay based on the prompt provided.  One scholarship is specifically for relatives of those in public service.  $500
Deadline: 7/31/2015.  Currently enrolled college students pursuing a professional degree are encouraged to submit two essays for this scholarship.  One discusses how an injury attorney can make a difference in provided situation.  The second must be about a recent act of service.  $1,000
Deadline: 7/31/2015.  Currently enrolled undergraduate students studying Criminal Justice, Pre-Law, English, History, Political Science, Journalism, or Communications are invited to submit an essay for this scholarship.  Essay topics to choose from discuss police conduct, undocumented persons, and mandatory minimum jail sentences.  $1,500
Deadline: 7/31/2015.  Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship by submitting an essay on the impact of art and design in commerce.  Preference will be given to students studying fine arts, commercial arts, or graphic design.  $2,500
Deadline: 7/31/2015.  Anybody who is looking to attend college of graduate school within 12 months is eligible to apply for this scholarship.  To apply, you have to indicate if you are applying for other scholarships as well.  $1,000


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