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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in August 2018

Deadline: 8/1/2018. This scholarship is only available to students who are currently enrolled in high school, college or university. To participate, students must submit a 750-1000 words essay on the topic: “How Does Posture Affect Our Daily Living?” Visit the website for more details! $500
Deadline: 8/1/2018. To qualify, undergraduate or graduate students must be majoring in a STEM field of study, and attending an accredited college or university.The application is located on the website where you will have to fill out a questionnaire to be a candidate. Please visit the website for more information! $1,000
Deadline: 8/15/2018. Applicants must be attending an accredited college or university, or planning to the upcoming semester. They must have a GPA no less than 3.1 and must send an unofficial transcript. Applicants must submit a 500 words essay, about what it means to give back to society, and how they intend on accomplishing this, There is no application fee. Please send the essay and official transcript to Please visit the website for more information! 2,000
Deadline: 8/15/2018. All students over the age 18 years and are currently enrolled in any School/University across the world, for any course/program are highly encouraged to apply. To apply for the scholarship you need to submit a 1,000 words essay on: “If you could master a skill in the next 5 minutes, what would it be and why?” Visit the website for more details! $500
Deadline: 8/20/2018. The scholarship is applicable to all students currently pursuing their education. Students from all countries are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. The essay topic is “How has housing changed in the past 100 years”. You can write about the way people live now and how it differs from the past; what is the same and what has changed. See the website for more information. $1,000
Deadline: 8/30/2018. Graduate and undergraduate students of universities/colleges are eligible to apply. Applicants need to write an essay of 2000-3000 words on one of the topics listed on the website. Please, visit it for more information! $2,000


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