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Outside Scholarship Deadlines in October 2016

Deadline: 10/15/2016. Toptal supports aspiring female computer scientists, developers, and software engineers to achieve their goals via financial support and mentorship by professional technologists. Female participants must be at least 13 years of age and have an interest in computers and/or computer software or an intended major and career plan in the computer science field to be eligible. In order to participate, the student must make a meaningful contribution to Open Source, publish a post on your personal blog telling the world about it, and completing an application. All information in provided on the website. $5,000
Deadline: 10/15/2016. All currently enrolled students are encouraged to submit an essay based on the topic: "If the roles were reversed, which academic subject would you teach and why?" $1,000
Deadline: 10/16/2017. This scholarship is for any undergraduate and postgraduate students. In order to participate in the scholarship opportunity, the individual is to provide their vision of an effective transition from being a student to becoming a successful worker within a career. To describe this, the individual must submit a 1000-word essay or a video no longer than 5 minutes. For more information please visit the scholarships website. $1,000
Deadline: 10/21/2016. All juniors and seniors in high school and currently enrolled college students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.  Students should submit a 600+ word essay discussing how social media has affected the safety of driving. up to $2,500
Deadline: 10/21/2016. This scholarship is open to all undergraduate students pursuing a career in Computer Science, software development or other closely related fields of study, Applicants must submit an essay not to exceed 1000 words explaining, in their view, how technology evolved to make an everlasting impact for internet based organizations in the last 5 years. For more information, please visit the scholarship's website. $500
Deadline: 10/21/2016. Currently enrolled students are encouraged to submit an essay discussing the impact of technology on the physical health of teens today. Essay should be between 800 - 1000 words. $3,000
Deadline:  10/21/2016.    Students will address the impacts of social media on driving abilities. The scholarship is open to all college students, and essays must be at least 600 words. For more information, lease visit the scholarship's website. Prize amount not specified
Deadline: 10/25/2016. This scholarship offer is only open to students who are currently enrolled full-time in universities or colleges currently residing in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea or Canada. To participate, we require the student comes up with content that is factual, offers value, and is thoroughly researched. The subject would be – The Impact of Technology on Physical Health of Teens Today. For more information, please visit the scholarship's website. $3,000
Deadline: 10/30/2016. Currently enrolled students who are US Citizens or permanent legal residents are encouraged to submit an essay discussing driving safety. Two essay topics are provided. $1,500
Deadline: 10/31/2016. Any college student with an interest and knowledge of the insurance industry is encouraged to apply. Before participating, the student must access the website in order to get the specified information. $2,500
Deadline: 10/31/2016. All college students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. Applicants must be either a current student at an accredited undergraduate college or university or be planning to attend a college or university in the fall of 2016.and must have a minimum 2.8 GPA. In order to participate, the student should submit a 500-1000 word-essay that answers the question, "How do the efforts of attorneys make the world a safer place?" For more information, please access the scholarship's website. Amount Not Specified


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