Honor Board Advice to Faculty

Advice from Faculty Who Have Served on the Honor Board

March 2016

 If a violation of the IC Honor Code occurs, faculty members should follow these steps:
1) The professor will contact the Office of Academic Affairs (x3010) to determine whether this is the student’s first violation.

2) The professor will enact an appropriate punishment. Punishments can run from being required to redo the assignment, to earning a zero (0) on the assignment, to earning an F in the class. Faculty typically enact harsher punishments for second and subsequent offences.

3) Within five class days, the professor will notify the Office of Academic Affairs and the student(s) via email describing the violation and the punishment. She or he will also provide any documentation or evidence that led her or him to suspect a violation of academic integrity.

If the student agrees with the professor’s punishment, no further action is needed. Otherwise, the student may appeal the decision by emailing the Office of Academic Affairs within ten class days of receiving notification of the punishment. 

4) The Office of Academic Affairs will notify the chair of the Academic Integrity Judicial Board. The chair will contact the student(s) and the professor(s) and members of the Judicial Board to schedule a hearing time.

At the hearing, the professor will explain why they believe the student violated the academic integrity code and the student will explain why they do not believe they violated the code. They do this separately and the board may ask to speak to each of them more than once. After discussing the evidence and the testimony, the board will vote. The chair of the board will notify all parties of the Judicial Board’s decision within 10 class days of the hearing.

If you want to see more about the integrity code, please consult the Blue Book, pg. 1D-2D (Community Standards and Policies).

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