Honor Board Advice to Faculty

Advice from Faculty Who Have Served on the Honor Board

September 2011

If a violation of the IC Honor Code occurs, faculty members should follow these steps . . .

If a faculty member judges that there is an intentional violation, the faculty member should:  
1. go to the Registrar’s Office and tell them the student’s name (This will prevent the student from dropping the course to avoid the penalty for cheating);
2. go the Dean’s office, tell them the student’s name, and find out how many times, if any, the student has violated the Honor Code in the past (This will help determine what penalty is proper for the current violation (for possible penalties depending on the number of a student’s violations, see Article III, Section 1 of the Honor Code));
3. inform the student (a) that he or she has been caught violating the Honor Code, (b) that he or she will suffer penalty X for that violation, and (c) that he or she may ask for a hearing before the Judicial Board if he or she does not agree with the faculty member’s judgment that cheating occurred or with the fairness of penalty X;
4. within 5 days of having discovered the violation, submit all material to document that a violation occurred to the Dean’s Office and to Judicial Board Chair (at;
5. wait to receive an email response from the Judicial Board Chair acknowledging receipt of your documentation of a violation of the Honor Code;
6. wait to receive an email, which may or may not come, from the Judicial Board Chair stating that the student in question has asked for a hearing before the Judicial Board, and then the hearing’s details (e.g., day, time, and location) will be determined under the direction of the Judicial Board Chair.
If, on the other hand, a faculty member “suspects that a transgression has been made but is unable to determine exactly whether or not this is the case, or . . . is unable to decide upon an appropriate punishment, he or she will inform the Judicial Board Chair in writing (at within 5 “class days” of discovering the violation. The Judicial Board Chair will contact the Judicial Board, the professor(s), and the student(s) to establish a hearing date and time when all parties involved are able to attend.” (from Article III, Section 3 of the Honor Code)

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