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2014-2015 TheatreWorks Season
Bandits. Brigands. Highwaymen. Renegades. Vigilantes. 

Call them what you will, outlaws are just that: people who live outside the law.

In Viking times, to be an outlaw meant banishment from your community for at least three years, maybe longer. Outlaws had no protection from organized security systems and were the frequent targets of bounty-hunters and revenge-seekers.

In English common law, outlaws held the same status as wolves, allowing “good” citizens to shoot them on sight, no questions asked. 

This year Illinois College visits the theme of Justice in its first-year seminar classes. At TheatreWorks, we have turned that theme on its head to probe the lives of The Outlaws.
Mud, River, Stone by Pulitzer Prize-winner Lynn Nottage, explores what happens when a well-meaning African-American couple – on vacation in Africa – find themselves taken hostage by a disgruntled bellhop.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are American outlaw icons, whose Depression-Era crime spree had the country riveted. Their story has been immortalized in film and on TV; and in 2011, Bonnie & Clyde – the musical – debuted on Broadway. TheatreWorks is pleased to present this piece of American history, with music by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by Don Black and a book by Ivan Menchell.
This season we also include the Modern Language One-Act Play Festival in our ICEBOX, with two short plays in French and German. 

We hope you will join us for this electric season!
Mud, River, Stone
By Lyynn Nottage
Oct 25, 30, November 1-2, 2014
Sibert Theatre
In this comedic drama, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage gives us the story of an idyllic vacation gone awry. Sarah and David, a high-powered African-American couple, get more than they bargained for when they take an "off-the-beaten-path" tour of Africa to rediscover their roots. Heavy rains wash out the main road, leaving them stranded at a once-luxurious, now-decrepit, colonial hotel. Irritation at the inconvenience of it turns to a trepidation when the seemingly mild-mannered bellhop snaps and takes hostage of the hotel guest. His demands? Grain and a woolen blanket.
Modern Languages
One-Act Play Festival
February 19-22, 2015
ICEBOX Theatre
Every four years, TheatreWorks teams up with the Modern Languages Department to produce an evening of one-act plays. This year's festival features plays from France and Germany.
Moliere's La Jalousie de Barbouille (The Jealous Husband) is a piece that introduces the types of characters that Moliere made famous in his longer comedies: the suspicious, controlling buffoon of a husband, the wayward wife, the tricky servant and the long-winded pedant.
Bertolt Brecht's Was Kostet das Eisen (How Much is Your Iron) is an allegory for a world on the brink of war. In this play, and ironmonger is faced with a dilemma when he sells his raw materials to a mysterious stranger. When his neighbors begin to die in brutal circumstances, the ironmonger must come to terms with his own role in their death.
Bonnie & Clyde
with music by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by Don Black and a book by Ivan Menchell
April 24-25 and 30, May 1-3, 2015
Sibert Theatre
Perhaps America's most famous outlaw pair, Bonnie and Clyde start out in this musical as children of the Depression wanting a better life. Dreaming of becoming famous and full of adventure, they fall in love, and as Clyde's drift toward criminality grows more serious, Bonnie is irresistibly drawn along with him. But their aspirations darken when their lives are stained by the blood of law enforcement officers and civilians from their robberies. Their propulsion into wealth and notoriety make them almost unrecognizable to their families. Knowing there is no way out, they determine to make the most of what will be their inevitably short lives, reconciled to death as long as they are together.

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