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Bonnie & Clyde - Cast List

Bonnie: Tamar Norville

Clyde: Tyler Gillson

Buck: Drew Stroud

Blanche: Sarah Kline

Ted: Matt Woodson

Preacher: Allen Miggins

Young Bonnie: Alice and Emily

Young Clyde: Sean and Max Valdez

Emma: Breahna Lesemann

Eleanore: Emma Stuhmer

Trish: Amanda Hoffman

Stella/Cumie: Brooke Kuchefski

Swing Dance Lounge Singers: Emma Stuhmer & Jon Miller

Governor Ferguson: Courtney Dietz

Sheriff/prison guard/Cop: Kage Garza-Smith

Bud/Joe/John/reporter: Brandon Coniglio

Alcorn: Max Valdez

 Hamer/Henry/reporter: Jon Miller

Judge/Deputy Johnson/2.2 "Customer": Chris Profit

Shopkeeper/bank teller/prison guard: Squire Prince

Arlene (as opposed to Archie): Charlotte Michels

Charlie (second cop): Kevyn Nguemaha

other reporters: Shunna Tolliver, Emma Stuhmer, Brianna Klein

customer #1: Shunna Tolliver

customer #2: Brianna Klein

other 2.6 customers: Maria Wittenauer, Kevyn Nguemaha, Brandon Coniglio, Courtney Dietz

other 2.2 customers: Maria Wittenauer, Kevyn Nguemaha, Emma Stuhmer, Max Valdez

non-chorus member dancers: Kage Garza-Smith, Max Valdez, Maria Wittenauer, Kevyn Nguemaha, Shunna Tolliver, Courtney Dietz, Brianna Klein


Be sure to congrats the cast! The show runs April 24th, 25th, and 30th @ 7:30 PM, May 1st and 2nd @ 7:30 PM, and May 3rd @ 2:00 PM. Sibert Theatre!

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