The Illinois College TRIO Student Support Services Program provides the following services:
 Academic tutoring
Tutorial Services are provided to supplement classroom and laboratory instruction. Class attendance is a prerequisite for tutorial assistance. Educational tools (textbooks, class notes, course outlines, etc.) are necessary for effective tutorial assistance. Tutoring, a major component of the program, is provided by Illinois College students who are faculty-recommended examples of academic excellence. Tutoring is conducted in small group and individual settings.

For students with disabilities, reasonable accommodations will be provided, upon request, on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accommodations require notification in advance to ensure reasonable service.
Request for Individual Tutoring

Advice and assistance
Academic and personal guidance are provided throughout the academic year. SSS participants have ongoing access and contact with professional staff who are able to address concerns and issues that affect educational growth and development. SSS staff strive to provide an objective approach for problem solving and decision-making. The guidance and advisement component incorporates student responsibility and accountability.

Students who have documented disabilities may discuss specific educational needs with SSS staff.

Information on the full range of Federal student financial aid program and benefits
Information on federal student financial aid programs and benefits (including federal Pell Grants and loan forgiveness, as well as resources to access private scholarships) The SSS program works closely with The Department of Financial Aid to provide workshops to assist students in making reasonable decisions in regard to financial assistance as you navigate this higher education process. The Department of Financial Aid will also provide assistance in completing financial aid applications, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Financial and economic literacy programs
Education and counseling services designed to improve financial literacy of students, including financial planning for graduate or professional school. Understanding the importance and impact of financial decisions is a key objective in providing this service to participants. An analytical approach to the role of cultural, social and emotional influences on financial behavior is also an important aspect of being a participant in the SSS program.

Information, activities and instruction on career options

As a participant in the SSS program, students will work closely with the Office of Career Development through one on one appointments and workshops. The Office of Career Development provides resources designed to help students understand post graduate options as well as internship and fellowship assistance.

Graduate and Professional
SSS staff members are available to assist students in exploring graduate programs as well as grants and fellowships to cover educational costs. Staff members are committed to helping students recognize that graduate school is an investment for professional growth and development.

Exposure to cultural events not available to all students
Program participants are encouraged to attend college and SSS sponsored as well as community-sponsored events that will provide cultural enrichment. Events and activities include plays, seminars, forums, historical/educational tours and concerts.

Development of College Survival Skills
Provided by SSS staff through various workshops. Students are encouraged to increase knowledge and abilities in time management, goal setting, decision making, note-taking, test taking, interpersonal communication, study skills, career options and basic life skills.

The Illinois College TRIO SSS model is more than an identification of deficiencies that may get in the way of the completion of your degree. The program staff serves as coordinators of your educational experience. With the assistance of the program staff, you will develop short-term and long-term goals uniquely tailored to address individual needs. The program staff is willing and eager to offer not only academic counseling, but also a friendly shoulder to lean on, should one of life's many obstacles get in the way of your academic success.  

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