International Service Opportunities

EarthWatch Institute
Earthwatch Institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.
We believe that teaching and promoting scientific literacy is the best way to systematically approach and solve the many complex environmental and social issues facing society today.
Global Service Corps
Global Service Corps
Global Service Corps' mission is to design and implement volunteer vacation and service-learning community development programs that benefit the volunteers and positively impact the communities they serve.  Global Service Corps provides a variety of programs from short-term volunteer vacations, to two-week through six-month service-learning programs, to one-year fellowship programs. Whether you are brand new to the international volunteer experience, have decided to participate in a cultural immersion, service-learning program, or want to further develop your career in international development, there is a GSC program to meet your needs.
Global Volunteers
Join volunteers in our nonprofit network providing long-term, ethical service on a volunteer vacation abroad or a USA volunteer program.  Live and work with local people on life-affirming service programs for one to three weeks.  Extended-term service option for six to 24 weeks.  We support service partnerships year-round through short-term volunteer teams, direct project funding, classroom support, child sponsorships and student scholarships.  No specialized skills are needed to contribute genuine, long-term development assistance.
Global Volunteer Network
The Global Volunteer Network offers service opportunities around the world.  They currently provide volunteer programs through partner organizations in 21 countries throughout South America, Africa and Asia.  The network continues to expand with new programs currently being researched and assessed.
Their vision is to support the work of local community organizations in developing countries through the placement of international volunteers.
Globe Aware
Globe Aware focuses on short term, one-week volunteer vacations.  These are specially formatted for working people with limited vacation time who want to volunteer abroad.
Peace Corps
Peace Corps
While the need has remained for Volunteers to work in agriculture, education, forestry, health, engineering, and skilled trades, countries are increasingly requesting help in new areas:  business, the environment, urban planning, youth development, and the teaching of English for commerce and technology. Volunteers serve in over 90 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union.
Peacework Development Fund
Peacework strives to alleviate poverty and economic disparity in our world through innovative partnerships of higher education, corporations, and communities.  They provide opportunities for superior undergraduate or graduate level students seeking an intensive individual placement for a minimum of four weeks.  These placements are self-funded by the participant and require prior international experience or study.
Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad is a leading volunteer abroad organization.  They offer a diverse range of international service projects, plus the opportunity to become part of one of our volunteer communities abroad.  Their continuous presence overseas and unparalleled in-country support from international staff ensures that your experience will be far more worthwhile and genuine than those of the average tourist.
Service Civil International
Provides short term volunteer experiences of 2-3 weeks in work camps in the United States and around the world, as well as long term, volunteer opportunities. Volunteers pay a small fee ($80 in the United States, $195 for overseas work camps) and their travel costs, and are provided with meals and a place to stay.  *Note:  the term "work camp" is used as a synonym for community service project.
United Nations Volunteers
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide.
UNV contributes to peace and development by advocating for recognition of volunteers, working with partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing an increasing number and diversity of volunteers, including experienced UNV volunteers, throughout the world.  UNV embraces volunteerism as universal and inclusive, and recognizes volunteerism in its diversity as well as the values that sustain it:  free will, commitment, engagement, and solidarity.  Based in Bonn, Germany, UNV is active in 140 countries.
Voluntary Service Overseas
A British service organization that offers one- to two-year volunteer placements for experienced professionals age 20 to 75, in over 30 developing countries primarily in Africa and Asia.  Volunteers are provided with a living allowance, accommodation, insurance, and flights.
Volunteers for Peace
Similar program to Service Civil International, VFP organizes over 3,400 two- to three-week work camps in over 100 countries worldwide.  There are many types of work available because projects arise from grassroots local community needs.  A $250 registration fee covers most projects except those taking place in developing countries.  A VFP membership fee of $30 is also required for placement.  The registration fee covers food, accommodations, and work materials for the duration of the project.  Volunteers arrange and pay for their own transportation to and from each project.

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