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Leadership and Service Project Grants
The Leadership Program is pleased to make available to individual students, classes, or ad hoc groups funding to begin and/or support service-learning and/or leadership projects. In general, grants to individuals will not exceed $1000 and grants (generally start-up funds) to classes or groups will not exceed $200. Below you will find the process for projects that will involve raising and spending money and links to the forms.

Process for Start-up Funds and Projects That Will Generate Income:

1. Complete Grant Request Form — General. If the grant is for a class, the faculty member involved should also complete the Grant Request Form — Faculty. Links to both forms follow.

2. Assign agency account number. You will need to assign an advisor who will approve all expenses. The student group will have access to account details in order to monitor activity. All deposits will be made to the agency account.

3. Start-up funds will be transferred from the Leadership Program into the named agency account number.

4. Expenses will be handled in the following way. If expenses are less than $35, appropriate persons may be reimbursed through Petty Cash in the Business Office. The receipt must be signed by the advisor and include the agency account number. Items exceeding $35 will be reimbursed through the weekly reimbursement process using the College Reimbursement Form. Any exceptions will be presented to the Controller, Melissa Dyson for evaluation.

5. All projects will have a beginning and end date. If any funds are unspent upon the end of the project these funds will be transferred back to the Leadership Program.

Project Grant Application Forms
Grant Request Form — General (< $200)
Grant Request Form — Faculty (< $200)
Grant Request Form — Individual (< $1000)
Contact us for more information about Leadership Program project grants.
Click to contact Karen E. Dean.
Click to contact Kelly A. Dagan.

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