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Writing assignment for essay #5

All the World's Stage
Dr. Nancy Taylor Porter
Theatre 130, Illinois College

Although we have been working with arguable theses for most of the semester, this paper asks you not only to present a thesis and support it, but also to address the opposition's views and explain why you disagree. You may concede points you find reasonable in the opposition, but your goal is to convince your audience that your position is more valid. In your paper, answer this question: Is Death of a Salesman a tragedy? You will need to create your own definitions of tragedy and tragic hero (as they apply to theatre and explain why your criteria are important, preferably in the introductory paragraphs) before applying your ideas to the test case of this play. Cite Miller's article at least once.

The paper should be between 3 and 4 pages in length. Otherwise, follow standard format.

You are writing for a publisher that is putting together a collection of modern plays including Death of a Salesman with relevant supporting essays.

Medium. Use each author’s full name only once, and just the last name after that. Put page numbers in parentheses after a quote from the play. Outside sources are not allowed.

Honor Statement
At the conclusion of your paper, include the following statement and your signature:

This paper constitutes only my thinking and my ideas. Where I have used any other materials, I have clearly identified and attributed them.

[Your signature]

Definition and Thesis Deadline
Monday, November 21

Final Essay Deadline
Monday, November 28

Grading Criteria
  1. The paper clearly answers the assignment and presents a strong thesis.
  2. The thesis is well supported by evidence that is accurate and properly cited.
  3. The paper is sufficiently developed, revealing depth of thought and clarity of expression.
  4. The paper is well organized.
  5. Reading of the paper is not obstructed by problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction, or syntax.

Peer Review

Assignment Goals and Design

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